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Extra-sensory Perception?

Ok, this is hard to explain; but sometimes ill know that im receiving a text message on my cellphone before the ringer goes off. Ill actually pull my phone out of my pocket and have it in my hand when the ringer starts. This happens around 40% of every time i receive a text message or a phone call. Could this be extra-sensory perception? Or could radio waves be going through my head to my phone and maybe im noticing them?
Can anyone help explain this strange phenomenon?
Dear Guy with unpronauncable name:
My phone doesn’t light up when its receiving a text or a call, but it does after it rings. I don’t think im seeing it out of the corner of my eye, but an interesting thought.
And i partially agree with you on confirmation bias; however, it seems to happen more often to be purely coincidental.


  1. There’s a few explanations that I see right from the start. The first brings up a theory that someone came up with a few decades back (I don’t remember his name) and that was that every organism communicates subconsciously with all other organisms. And that the person who sent you the SMS told you about it before you actually received it. And your brain instinctively reached into your pocket as it would if you had received the SMS.
    The other explanation is that the radio waves that go to your phone passed through your dermis and sent signals to your brain that interpreted them as “answer your phone.”
    In some phone models, when you receive an SMS, a light goes of before the phone rings (or buzzes) you could be feeling the electrons traveling through your phone to turn the light on, so that you retrieve it before it rings.
    But those are just my guesses.

  2. Cell phones are suspect. Possible cause of brain tumors. I will stick with landlines. As for esp. Is possible.

  3. There are plenty of potential explanations, none of which involve ESP, which has never, ever been able to stand up to real scientific scrutiny.
    It’s also unlikely that you’re noticing radio waves. First of all, the human body is almost completely transparent to radio waves. There’s just nothing in a human body that can pick up radio waves like an antenna. Second, even if you could detect radio waves, there are radio waves traveling to every other cell phone for miles around, so you should be getting lots of “false alerts” as you also pick up everyone else’s radio waves.
    I think the most likely explanation is that your phone is going through some processes between the time it receives the incoming message or call and the time when it starts vibrating, and you’re somehow picking up on that process. Maybe it goes out of standby into a high-power mode, generating extra heat that you’re feeling on a subconscious level. Does the screen light up when you receive an incoming signal? Perhaps you’re catching it out of the corner of your eye.
    You say you look at your phone about 40% of the time you receive an incoming. That means 60% of incomings you don’t detect beforehand. Maybe just as important though, how often do you check your phone and there’s no incoming? There’s a phenomenon called confirmation bias where a person gets a false sense of proportions because we tend to remember the “hits” (in your case, checking the phone just before an incoming call) while forgetting about all the “misses” (checking the phone and there’s no incoming call, or not checking the phone before an incoming call).
    You can try an experiment to test your perception. Ask a friend to call you or text you at some random time during a set time period, say, between noon and 6pm. See if you’re able to detect when he’s calling you before your phone starts to vibrate. Also see how many false alerts you have, when you think something is incoming but nothing happens. This may help to shine some light on what’s really going on.
    P.S. To answerer #1: no, not everything is possible. That’s why the laws of physics are “laws” and not just “helpful suggestions.”
    To answerer #2: there is neither any mechanism for all organisms to communicate with all other organisms, nor has any such phenomenon ever been recorded, nor would it have much use, seeing as how we’re not consciously aware of it. One would think, for example, that prey animals would evolve to sense when a predator is focusing in on them, thus driving the predator to extinction because they’re never able to catch any alerted prey.
    To answerer #3: the latest studies show no link between cell phones and brain tumors. As I stated above, the human body is very nearly transparent to radio waves; there’s just nothing in the human body that interacts with (absorbs) them. Also, cell phones broadcast only milliwatts of power, about 1,000 times less energy than the light bulb above your head or the computer monitor in front of you is using.

  4. its an extra sensory perception or esp, everyone has its own esp,your esp is just like mine.extra sensory perception or esp means the inner power or force that a human mind has. your esp is clairvoyance is the ability to see,know or be aware of events happening at great distance without use of any physical senses or sensing what will happen to the future.oh i forget i know all about it because i only finish yesterday, reading a book that has all informations about esp,magic and the hidden power of our mind


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