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Explain this to me…?

I want to know how much people know about Neo-Shamanism. So please, explain to me what it is and how much you know about it? I won’t report ridicule, flaming, or any derogatory comments you make. I’m just curious what the stereotype is 🙂
To answer your statement, true Shamanism is reserved by a very select group of people who frown upon sharing their culture with outsiders. Even what we tend to refer to as “witch-doctors” feel the same way. Instead, what has happened is people interested in the culture gathered as much knowledge as they could and worked from the ground-up, developing a shamanistic culture open to anyone for practice. It is referred to politely as Neo-Shamanism, to make the distinction between traditional Shamanism or any other such belief that has fallen under the english use of the term. 🙂
Dear friend, I have done quite a bit of research into the topic. What I found was a number of openly Shamanic individuals who were charging to teach me the faith. Then I met one Native American “Medicine Man” and read an interview with one true shaman and found out from both sources that “anyone who is charging to teach you shamanism is a lie. Shamanism can’t be taught, it chooses it’s victims. To be a shaman is to throw your life away and to live in constant fear and misery.” I have made contact with whom I could reach. Everyone else refused to speak with me. It really is a relatively private practice, and that’s why I turned to neo-shamanism. It’s more open-ended and accepting.


  1. Neo-shamanism is an idiotic cult of hippie morons who live to get high and talk about “spirits” influencing the world around them. In reality, they know just about as much as your typical burnt out, alcoholic, homeless person while he’s trippin on acid.

  2. Hmm this seems like a pop quiz towards me! :P.
    Well you do Neo-Shamanism. You can go into others dreams…Lol…
    You can go to other realms…
    lol…You meditate so you can go places..lol..
    I am failing aren’t I?

  3. Shamanism, unlike many other pagan religious practices is not lost. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t find actual shamanistic practices and follow them as opposed to being Neo Shamans. We will never know much about Druids etc, but there are actual living Shamans in the modern world.
    Have you really tried to contact a Shaman? Some require that you give up a lot and ‘apprentice’. but some are anxious to pass on the rites and history to sincere folk. Have you tried to contact a tribal leader or elder and express your desire to learn?

  4. I am a traditional Shaman. I don’t know that much about the neo ones but they are trying their best. There are so few traditional ones left to go around, it is becoming very popular.
    It is not about god beliefs. The main belief is that all things are equal and have the right to exist, not just a few humans. Humans are custodians of the planet, we are here as care takers.
    I can tell you anything you need to know about it, but there is plenty of online information. If you are interested I would start looking at physics and then quantum physics. You don’t have to be able to understand the maths behind it, just the concepts. Then have a look at Shamanism. You will find they are very similar in the things they are saying about the nature of reality.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  5. Unless we belong within a cultural group that practices shamanism and go through the training and ordeals of initiation, or we get invited by said group to do the same, we cannot call ourselves shamans. Political correctness aside, we can study and practice shamanic techniques with a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) framework. The extremely freeform and individualistic nature of modern shamanic magic operates via altered states of consciousness to find or forge connections betwixt one thing and another. We generally experience visions in symbolic terms, and as a consequence, we will eventually make symbols our language of power.
    Our basic D.I.Y. curricula for shamanic studies should probably include the following:
    THEORY: Research shamanism as practiced by shamans across various cultures since the Palaeolithic era. Examine various forms of altered states of consciousness. Explore the notions to alternate levels of reality. Study world myth as pertaining to death and dying, the underworld/otherworld, the psychopomp, ritual death and the initiation process. Delve deeply into symbolism. Research the theory behind atavisms, and animal atavisms in particular. Consider the role of the mystic today. Investigate healing as it pertains to shamanic magic. Delve deeply into symbolism (this bit deserves repeating).
    PRACTICAL: Master several breathing control exercises and relaxation techniques. Practice graded visualisation exercises and explore mentally imaging other aspects of your senses (hearing, smell, taste, touch, spatial awareness/movement). Work with several selected variations of altered states of consciousness, starting with the “get down deep and quiet inside” meditation/trance. Create or find one or more servitors (entities, power animals, guides etc) via imagination, dream or vision/trance to protect, seek out and make visible, attract success and/or heal. Lose yourself in drumming, chanting or dance. Explore the use of masks. Choreograph and experience vision quests. Write poetry or lyrics. Learn at least two protection (banishing) rituals. Maintain a magical journal, a dream diary and a vision diary.


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