Explain the science of remote viewing and/or telepathy, if you have a theory?

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Teresa, PQ, Hiram, thank you for this attention to my question. I live in a philosophical wasteland where what things are and how they work are swept aside by “git ‘er done’ and ‘cuz i said so’
oldmanwithcoyote, you rawk!

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Remote viewing is the act of imagining we are elsewhere. Sometimes we’ll get lucky and be accurate in describing what we see.


There is no “science of remote viewing and/or telepathy”.


I don’t think, at this stage, they could be called sciences. It is my understanding that some groups have developed remote viewing in particular to such an advanced stage that people with the right prerequisites (existing psychic abilities) can be trained. But that, to me, is simply training them to use an inherent ability, not understanding how the ability comes about.
I’m sure these same groups are working on that understanding, in order to create it. But I doubt they’re going to tell you and I about it.
My theory (lots of input from a few others on this one) is that all humans (and probably animals too) have an energetic connection. At some level, there is a collection of all that we know and all that we sense. Remote viewing and telepathy involve plugging into that (we all do that) AND being able to direct it with a specific purpose, location or person in mind.

Phoenix Quill

Well you won’t find Telepathy or Astral Projection on you local colleges Science curriculum.
Now this said I do believe humans have a low grade telepathy.
As such our minds form a kind of biological internet, what Jung called the collective unconsciousness. The Bionet if you will.
So as the Internet creates the virtual reality of Cyberspace, the Bionet creates Biospace, the virtual reality mystics call the Astral Plane.
Hence through meditation or dreams one can explore the memories & imaginations of other minds. So in THEORY one can VIEW almost anything anyone else has seen (or imagined).
So I don’t think there is a method for you to ‘spiritually’ view something remote, rather the possibility of tapping into the minds of those who have or are viewing remote objects.
For this ‘theory’ to be scientific though, the ‘telepathic’ link would require a physical methodology. So much like fireflies communicate by generating & detecting photons of light, telepathy would likewise require some form of photonic emission & detection.
The implication however of moving this from a Spiritual to a Biological construct is this. Not everyone can play.
So some folks would be telepathically dark (non transmitting) others would be telepathically blind (non receiving) – not every home has the internet.
And until and instrument can be developed to detect the photonic transmissions, Telepathy will remain more speculation than science.

Happy New Year Hiram

Remote viewing is called Hacking, LOL.
I have friends who are highly telepathic and ironically their powers never work when I am around. They like me to go with them to say an amusement park or a well populated event because then they CAN’T hear every stray thought that surrounds them and they can have a good time.
Since I believe our consciousness is a slice of God’s and since I believe time is a view master, not the sole structure of existence, past, present, future it’s all now and thus it is all readable. I have experienced about 8 past lives some of which are contemporary with each other, which precludes my being a “soul” traveling through them, but suggests rather that in spots the eight track tape of existence has worn a bit thin.
Schizophrenics are notoriously psychic, and that illness may be related to having the “wall” missing that keeps us all in our own heads. Linguistic studies suggest that people in Mosaic times (the Old Testament era) understood the prophets ranting about messages and voices from God because EVERYONE was schizophrenic! They speculate that the development of the subconscious mind as a universal brain feature may be as newly developed as 400 years ago! Hence people like Montaigne and Shakespeare suddenly capture the general imagination because people now HAD the kind of psychology they were describing.


I don’t think of telepathy or remote viewing as sciences. I
think they’re metaphysical concepts. These ideas are usually
based upon testimonials given by people who claim to have
experienced them. Along those same lines, I have done
some experimenting with empathetic projection and have
gotten some results. I have attributed the results to the
willingness to believe that it will work on the part of the
person I was attempting to relieve. Often, fear, pain,
and lack of confidence are exacerbated by the inner
struggle to resist them. Once the struggle is abandoned
its not unusual for the person to experience relief. Of
course, they could have done this for themselves. They
just didn’t know that.

Mountain Dweller

No science, but to the degree there is a science, it’s the science of the con. Google “cold reading” and if you want to see how to be a psychic get Ian Rowland’s book about cold reading.


You can find a lot of information about remote viewing and the science behind it on the website of the International Remote Viewing Association at http://www.irva.org


I will focus my answer on remote viewing, since whether telepathy exists or not is more controversial — some think it may just be a different form of RV or clairvoyance (that’s too complicated to go into here). First, you will notice that some who answered your question believe there is no science connected with remote viewing. That belief is mistaken. There has been significant, double-blind, randomized testing of the remote viewing phenomenon replicating the early work at SRI, to the tune of thousands of trials (the majority successful) by a dozen or more independent sets of researchers over the past 30+ years. Much of this research has been either published in peer-reviewed journals or performed under the guidance of government science panels.
Now, for your actual question. Many ESP researchers think remote viewing (and telepathy, if it exists as a unique phenomenon) is a form of “non-local” mental interaction with the universe. Non-locality is a feature of quantum physics, where certain types of subatomic particles can be “entangled” under the right conditions. One entangled particle will then experience a change in one of its properties correlated simultaneously with the changing of the same property in its sister particle — even when the two particles are separated by immense distances and with no causal connection. This is what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” Because remote viewing and other ESP effects seem to occur independent of both distance and time, without causes explainable by physics, some of these ESP researchers have concluded they may be explainable by quantum nonlocality.
I disagree with this. I think there are good reasons why quantum nonlocality can’t explain RV/ESP (but they are too complicated to go into here). I think instead that RV and other ESP phenomena are evidence that consciousness is its own “force” or has its own existence independent of the physical part of the universe. Unfortunately, that means that science as we practice it now cannot provide an explanation that will be satisfying to those who think that only physical things exist. It is, in fact, for this reason that many folks will tell you that “ESP (or RV or telepathy or whatever) doesn’t exist,” despite the evidence.


I don’t know if its me or the producers but…
More than a few times I have woken with a start in the middle of the night, sometimes screaming, sometimes drenched in sweat. The terrors that interrupted my sleep were so vivid, so loud and clear that weeks later I would think on their meaning. Each time, several months would pass. I would be sitting with my friends in a movie theater or on the couch at home when the same scene would play out in front of me on the screen in every horrifying detail.
I don’t know if its me seeing them or them hearing me but there is a connection.
That is my experience with it. As for my belief of what causes it… It is not something one person does on their own. There must be both a sender and a receiver. It is the same as anything else in the world.


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