Explain the School of thoughts called Taoism?

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Explain the School of thoughts called Taoism

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Basically life has a flow. It is powerful, steady and can not be stopped. So it is best to go with the flow and not stand against it.

Dr. R
☼Flower Power♥

Daoism or Taoism represents a school of thought that developed over a period of 200-300 years. The word Dao/Tao in Chinese means the Way. It is a philosophy about the proper path in life.
Among its leading members were Yang Zhu (Yang Chu) (c.400 B.C.?), Lao Zi (Lao Tzu) (c.6th c. B.C. or 4th c.B.C.), and Zhuang Zi (Chuang Tzu)(c.369-286 B.C.). It both resembled and differed from Confucian learning. On the one hand, it affirmed the truthful existence of the world (in contrast to the Buddhists, whom we will discuss later) and held a positive view toward this world. On the other hand, the Daoists shunned busy worldly pursuits and were against the Confucians’ goals to restore ancient social order, not because they disliked the ancient order, but because they shunned any forms of (manmade) social order.
In general, Daoists/Taoists could be described as hermits or recluses who doubted the human wisdom to present a social order that surpassed the order given by nature. Dominant in their philosophy is the belief that everything goes to their extremes, thus a perfect human social order also spells the end of that order. Thus they were advocates of do-nothing, not because they were pessimistic, or passive, but because of their deep realization of the limitations of human action in the vast universe.


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