Experiences with Sigil Magick?

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I’m relatively new to this, and wonderihg if any others have tried, had experiences or success through sigil magick?

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I don’t personally care for it.


I use it occasionally. You can find a lot of books on sigil magic by doing a search in google.
“Secrets of Magical Seals” by Anna Riva is a good book to find pictures of sigils & seals in; not sure if I agree totally on how she uses them but the pictures can come in handy.


“Practical Sigil Magick” by Frater U.D. (Llewellyn Publisher)


I have some past experince with sigil magick. It has been a long time since I’ve done it, but currently I am starting up again with a elaborate system I have developed.
Once I made a sigil with the statement “I live in a nice appartment”. I was living in a drug-infested shithole at the time. I was living there 2 months overtime, so I was kind of in a hurry to find something else. So I saw an ad and went to check it out, it was a small studio appartment in the basement. It turned out that the woman who owned it knew my mother from years back, they went to church together.
maby 3 months after I moved in there, she told me that they owned an appartment just down the street, and they were looking for tenants there, somebody they could trust. I just had to find two people to move in with me. I didn’t realize how nice it was until she invited me to see it. I had said no several times before that, but she kept pushing me. hehe. So I got a friend and my brother to move in with me there.
We lived there for 1.5 years until we had to move because they were selling it.. But come to think of it.. The sigil stament wasn’t “I live in a nice appartment forever” 😛
So it seems as if the manifestations occur through the people around you sometimes…


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