Exixtential crisis! Upon the end of a phone call with a difficult person, I, the eclectic spiritual type said?

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“Oy vey- Jesus Christ, give me strength.”
Does this mean you all are wearing off on me?

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Love is easy Hate is wrong Find the way, babe Way back home Give your heart Love will never die Or a little cloud will cry Were cry Be a dreamer – be a fool Come and break all this rules Better late than never done For the children We need a home Give me peace on earth Give me all your love Say, that we wont fighting For the peace of all Give me peace on earth Let the children sing Give me all your love For the little children For the peace of all Come together – turn a dream For the children, love is all we need All the wrongs dont make it right For the children we will fight



The Incredible Talking Tiki Mask

[Nelson voice] Ha Ha you are a secret Jewish Christian.

Jason H

i dont believe in god but i say “god-damnit” all the time. and other god related sayings. but thats because their sayings not realities. like i could eat a horse. no one could eat a horse. so i think your just expressing your stress and anger through a common phrase.


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