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Excellently weird streams of consciousness?

Hi =)
Is it normal to think weirdly in high, complex detail when you’ve got a cold?
Thanks in advance xxx


  1. remember you are in an altered physiological state. your body isnt acting normally, and you are at a different level of consciousness. you may be more aware of your body and things around you, causing you to dissect everything going on around you. and if you are sick enough for it to put your daily activities at a halt, then you have more mellow time to think and ponder…

  2. Yes. Because usually your aboult half conscious at the time, a burning fever, and usually there is alcohol in the medicine that your taking. It happens a lot.

  3. Are you taking any cough medicines – they are pretty potent with antihistamine and alcohol!
    I guess it normal for you.
    I think like that all the time but haven’t noticed it getting more intense when I have a cold


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