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Exactly what is an 8 Track Mind?

Is it some kind of spiritual awakening?
Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. Mwah. Mwah.


  1. 8 track is a music device that you could not fast forward nor rewind. if you liked the song you heard, you had to listen to the entire 8 track (album) to hear it again. it was a time that forced musicians to not have any bad songs on their album. now, with skippable tracked CDs, and $1 songs on itunes, music has gone in the toilet.
    8 tracks forced the entire album to be GREAT. kind of the mind on the gentlemen you ask about.

  2. Stuck in a previous time? I’ve never heard the phrase before.
    A one track mind can only focus on one thing. Maybe an 8 track mind is one that can multi-task????

  3. An 8 track mind is one that can grasp complex ideas, notions, and musical pieces and entertain these things rationally and simultaneously… it is an amazing thing.

  4. It’s like a normal mind but with more hairspray and eyeliner. Put simply, it’s the difference between the Cure and My Chemical Romance.
    (((Happy Valentine’s Day everybody)))

  5. like the origin of the universe, an 8 track mind is an enigma. perhaps it is a spiritual awakening of some sort. maybe similar to a “big bang”

  6. Spouse says:
    A one track mind we all know is preoccupied with sex. An 8 Track Mind is also preoccupied with sex, but can consider 8 different positions, places and even partners at the same time.
    It’s kinda like surround sound.


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