Home Discussion Forum Exactly what are the consequences of practicing Black Magick?

Exactly what are the consequences of practicing Black Magick?

I’ve never tried it. And I’m not a Wiccan, I’m just a pagan witch, if that makes a difference.


  1. I’d talk to somebody I actually knew was a witch or something before seeing on here. I’m not really superstitious but with witches if you start doing that bad stuff it comes back on you like Karma.

  2. The consequence might be the realization that “black” and “white” are little more than metaphors we construct that make it easier to pigeonhole everything we see into a system of binaries.

  3. Magick is psychological. It will effect you psychologically. If you are harboring hate and grudges and trying to hurt people, then that will effect you. You can’t keep poison inside you without it effecting you. If you do try to hurt someone, and they do get hurt coincidentally. You may feel guilt. If the person finds out you hexed them or something, they could actually be harmed depending on how much they believed in it. Aboriginal people have died from being cursed because their mind made it real. Once someone cursed me. I laughed and said they were stupid an I didn’t believe in that sh*t. Then they threatened me with something else, an I laughed again and said so your silly curse didn’t work? So that could be a repercussion too.

  4. The Bible clearly states to stay away from all that is evil. If you choose to practice this you will be serving satan and will be demon possessed. For the sake of your own soul…Stay away from all evil!
    Only in Jesus Christ can you be saved.
    Read this testimony from a person who served evil and now has been saved thru Jesus Christ-
    http://www.spiritlessons.com and click onDelivereded from the powers of darkness” by Emmanuel ENI

  5. Why do you think that when it comes to something like “black” Magick, that there is a difference between being Wiccan or being “just a Pagan witch”? Wicca are not all witches. The Wiccans who practice Magick surely do not practice anything you may want to define as black magick (a label that indeed does not exist), since that would violate their rules.
    What counts is your intent while performing a ritual, casting a spell and so on. If you intent to cause someone harm or to manipulate someone’s free will, that may come back to you. According to Wiccan belief, it will hit you 3 times stronger. Basically, any energy you send out will effect you (3 times) in the same way, irrespective whether you send “positive” or “negative” energy. I personally would say that this mostly works on the psychological plane but may not be limited to that.


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