Evolutionists: You are continuing the abuse why though are you not answering the question on consciousness?






  1. What about it? We have it, other mammals have it. It has obvious evolutionary advantages. Bigger brains more successful primates make.

  2. What is the question you speak of?
    There are many lines of questioning regarding this topic, would you please elaborate a little more on a specific one?
    Thank you

  3. Why are you asking us?
    Wouldn’t your question be better answered over in the science group?
    or maybe you think that asking untrained non-experts your question somehow justifies your beliefs?

  4. Because. We. Don’t. Know.
    We are not all neuroscience experts, PhD holders, or trained biologists.
    What do you want from us? Jesus.

  5. I did answer your question.
    Here it is again for you:
    Consciouness is still a poorly understood phenomenon. How could you justifiably make such a categorical statement about it?
    EDIT–I will tell you this. I terms of our current environment, consciousness confers a HUGE advantange. It allows us to avoid danger, gather resources for survival, and find a mate. In other words, consciousness in necessary for the propagation of the human species.
    Now, if you want to know a possible explanation of consciousness, a couple of good propositions come from Dan Dennett and Douglas Hoffstadter. I might suggest reading “Consciousness Explained” by Dennett and “I Am A Strange Loop” by Hoffstadter. Very fascinating stuff.

  6. Thank you for your interest in evolution.
    Your question demonstrates:
    ( ) insight and understanding
    ( ) a common misunderstanding among scientists
    ( ) a common misunderstanding among high school students
    ( ) a common misunderstanding among elementry school students
    (x) a complete lack of familiarity with science
    You have
    (x) comitted a logical fallacy
    (x) misrepresented the theory of evolution
    (x) shown utter disregard for the scientific method
    (x) been brainwashed by the institute for creation science
    (x) appealed to the supernatural
    ( ) used spelling and punctuation correctly
    (x) disregarded the rules of intelligent debate
    of type
    (x) straw man
    ( ) ad hominem attack
    (x) non sequiter
    ( ) proof by assertion
    ( ) false dichotomy
    Answers to this question
    ( ) will further scientific inquiry
    (x) will not change your mind
    ( ) will involve a drinking game
    (x) will beat the proverbial deceased equus caballus
    For this question you should be:
    ( ) Congratulated
    ( ) Gently corrected
    ( ) Reprimanded
    (x) Flogged
    (x) Drawn and Quartered
    (x) subjected to some social darwanism
    ( ) sent a third grade biology textbook

  7. 1.) It’s not “abuse” to insist on evidence before we’ll take you or your god seriously — sto playingthe victim.
    2.) In the future, always post a link to other questions that you’re referencing — it improves the chances that anyone might be able to GUESS w.t.f. it is you’re babbling about.

  8. It’s a silly question, and I would imagine the people who understand neuroscience are busy in labs, unlike me, who is procrastinating instead of revising.

  9. can you define consciousness? I refuse to argue about something with so many different definitions.
    Also I have no clue what questions you want to have answered. They might not be of the kind which is intellectually stimulating to answer. Any questions which starts with “evolutionist” and aims to be offensive is not a question which promises any intellectual reward for answering.

  10. I’m and atheist, not a scientist. So I don’t know.
    Ask your question in the Biology section if your really looking for answers. Your more likely to get good answers there.

  11. How do you know that humans are the only creatures with consciousness. You don’t know what other people are thinking unless they tell you. How on earth do you know what other animals are thinking?

  12. Demonstrate to me that you are genuinely interested in hearing and considering a point of view other than your own and then we’ll talk. As it is all of your questions it reflects a closed mind, a lack of understanding of the subject you are asking about and consequently is not worth bothering with.

  13. Consciousness is the eternal aspect of who we are, so from my point of view, we need to evolve spiritually to discover that brilliant aspect of our own being.

  14. that’s because your question makes no sense. are you saying that it’s only possible to have consciousness if we didn’t evolve?
    this is the third truely ignorant question I’ve answered in the last 20 min!

  15. What do you mean, dear? Nobody knows what consciousness is. However it is clearly a product of the brain, since anything that affects the brain also affects consciousness.

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