Home Discussion Forum Evolutionists : Where did matter and energy originate from?

Evolutionists : Where did matter and energy originate from?

And when you give your answer, tell me where that cause come from, and on, and on . . . .
What is your irrefutable evidence for this?
And if you have none, then does that mean you just have faith in your theory?


  1. Evolution doesn’t have anything to do with how the universe started. Evolution explains the biodiversity of life.

  2. Lol, I guess I’d better get another id. But to answer your question, where matter and energy come from are the mystery we haven’t explained. I believe that mystery is God.
    Edit: Ok, now we’re two different Jim’s!

  3. The “origin” of matter and energy has nothing to do with evolution. Seriously, weren’t you paying attention in your science classes?
    Consider this, if your “god” could have “always” existed then it is infinitely more likely that something much simpler like matter and energy could have “always” existed. Then to, there is that funky thing that quarks do with “popping” into existence with no reason…
    A different way of looking at this is that just because we may not know now, does not imply that we will never know or that we can not know. If anything, “not knowing” presents a challenge to find out why, what and how. If your god had something to do with it, then the evidence will indicate that, even though it has not in every other case.

  4. All realities spring from the eternal and infinite potential of all the dimensions of time and space. Mathematics if the first language used to learn and understand our reality. In an Eternal environment, the impossible thing, or occurrence, becomes a certainty…and that explains you and me and all we observe in this universe …..peace to all

  5. Anyone who thinks that the origin of matter is in any way connected with biological evolution is an abject idiot.
    Supersymmetric origin of matter
    Neutrino Mass and the Origin of Matter
    Origin of matter out of pure curvature


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