Evolutionist’s and/ or Atheists, Why do you dismiss God as at the least a possibility?

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My line of thought on this subject is as follows,
If life has evolved through cosmic evolution then surely at some point super-consciousness would arise somewhere and be at one with the universe (far beyond ours)
Why not call it God!
Able to manipulate matter, creating more life etc.
Any views on this?
So, Why do you dismiss God as at the least a possibility?
After all, we are a way for the universe to know it’s-self
You proceed from false assumption, as I am not a religious person at all. My personal belief is that should god exist then it would be a product of cosmic evolution.
No-one to my knowledge forces religion on everyone else. I think everyone has the right to make up their own mind and people have the same right to spread their word.
As for “Idiot”, well I would hold a mirror up there! The spear in the other person’s heart is the spear in your own. Anyway, what does it matter because I am smarter than you!
Thanks for answering

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Maurog II

Why do you assert super-consciousness is possible?
Can you describe an environment which pushes towards evolving it?
By the way, all humans can manipulate matter and create more life. It’s called having hands and sex organs.

The Canadian Atheist

Why do you dismiss Zeus or Odin as a possibility?
If there was a “super conscious” being, then there would be, at the very least, a shred of credible evidence supporting it’s existence, wouldn’t there?
Yet there isn’t. And that is VERY telling.


which god do you want me to call it?


It adds an extra layer of complexity that it doesn’t seem there is a need for and there is no evidence of God or a super-consciousness existing… therefore it probably doesn’t.

The Pantheist (((Debra M)))

Why not call gravity god !




Yes, I think God is the very least possibility.


For exactly the reason that you describe – such a consciousness would have to be a *product* of the universe, not the other way round.


Because there is absolutely zero evidence for the existence of God.


I do not dismiss God as a possible – what I have always said is – RELIGIOUS BODS – SHOW ME PROOF – and they can’t – they hide behind their PC screens and put thumbs downs or report you..
Cowards – all of them

mo in the middle

God has always been used to explain the gaps in our knowledge, and when the gaps in our knowledge are filled, god gets a little smaller.
Your premise makes sense if you completely redefine the god of the major world religions. What you describe is not a personal god that meddles in our affairs, punishes the wicked, and grants eternal life to true believers.
If all it takes to be a god is the ability to manipulate matter and create life, then I submit that we are all gods.

Grand Vizier

“If life has evolved through cosmic evolution then surely at some point super-consciousness would arise somewhere and be at one with the universe (far beyond ours)”
conjecture, not fact.
“Why not call it God!”
Or Bob!
“Why do you dismiss God as at the least a possibility”
Oh, gods are possible. So are leprechauns and fairies. Just extremely, extremely improbable.
“we are a way for the universe to know it’s-self”
More vacuous woo-woo claims.


I am an atheist and an “evolutionist” (chuckle) and I do NOT dismiss the possibility of god, only the actuality of god.
If you maintain that god is an actual, empirical fact, then prove it.


Why not call it Allah, no seriously answer that for me?

Recreant- father of fairies

Calling it god confuses the issue. You run into equivocation between the many definitions of the word and simply muddle the discussion further.


“Why do you dismiss God as at the least a possibility?”
I don’t. I just don’t generally believe anything until I see some evidence for it.
“If life has evolved through cosmic evolution”
There’s no such thing. Cosmology and astronomy are not related to evolution in any way. And the origin of life is abiogenesis, another separate field of science.
“surely at some point super-consciousness would arise somewhere and be at one with the universe (far beyond ours)”
Evidence, or no dice.
“Why not call it God!”
You can call it whatever you like, once you’ve demonstrated that it exists. But it wouldn’t be what most people (within Abrahamic faiths at least) refer to as god, i.e. a supernatural entity, without physical manifestation, that created the universe and everything in it. So why not avoid confusion and call it a “super consciousness”?

Chris S

Possibility: yes. Probability: no.
We now understand that weather patterns, mental illness, seasonal changes, earthquakes and innumerable other things that were given supernatural explanations have nothing to do with an invisible magic man. The myth surrounding “God” being involved in daily lives of humans is slowly being eroded by scientific facts. This trend limits the probability of a “God” (by the current definition) even existing, much less being aware of human existence.


Perhaps there is a God.
If there be a God, is he Allah, Krsna, Jehovah, a Boddhisatva, Nyaminyami, Zeus ….?
It is no good claiming you believe in God unless you know which God.
They are all different.
To say you believe in God – but not any god in particular – is about as much use as saying you believe in the Easter Bunny, only you think He lives on the Easter Bunny Planet.
Atheists think clearly. We realise God isn’t always untrue – sometimes he is meaningless.


There has to be a first cause, a creator God, for anything to exist. Anything that comes into being is an effect that have to have a cause. But there has to be an uncreated cause that has always existed because something cannot come from absolute nothingness.
Atheist/evolutionists do not want to answer to the Creator, so they claim he doesn’t exist.

Crow Left of the Morrigan

Check into Omega Point. It’s an interesting proposal to what you’re talking about.
And of course if we ‘are made in God’s image’ or grew into God’s image rather, then yes we would have some capabilities of a god, surely? creation, manipulations, etc, but that doesn’t mean we are the Omega Point, an extremely evolved intelligence that initially had the technology to ‘create’, or build. Not only is it the voice of all things, but somehow (I don’t know how) collects data on all things too.
Anyway, Omega Point could be that super-conciousness you’re talking about.


There may be a divine invisible cross-dressing purple goblin called Harry living at the bottom of my garden. It’s a possibility. If I sent you detailed instructions on how Harry wants you to live your life and about how much money he requires you to send to me would you follow them based on the fact that it’s possible he exists and that these may really be his wishes. Anything may be possible. I’m not going to live my life by anything that cannot be backed up with evidence of any kind.


There is NO evidence of a god in my life. None whatsoever. ’nuff said.


why not call it mr snuffleumphigus?
That is the most retarded view point I’ve ever came across. You’re point would claim that the universe would have created god, but if you were a true christian you would think that god is the creator.
Does anyone else get fecked off when these people who try to force their religion on everyone else don’t actually know it themselves? Idiot.

Ben the Hat

‘surely’ nothing that is just your opinion and has no basis in fact. In my opinion it is obviously not true.

Frou Frou

because there is no evidence of any god
yes, i beleive in a concious energy having evolved, thats exactly what i beelive actualy
but its not a god, it doesnt have to be
“god” is a human word with human expectations
we can manipulate things too, we can create , we can even create life, and evn split the atom, we can manipulate all lief below us,
does any of that make us gods?
or does any of that allow us to be classed as gods?
then why would this being be any different
so why not just call it what it is, a being, life, other life, conciosu energy, and MAYBE, even a creator,
but a god is not what it is
a god will never be the religious god if it did exist, so i will lawyas “dismiss” that god, as its im[possible


I am a non believer,but i would concede if you believe in god he must exist to the believer.I would like to pick you up on one point religion is forced on people mainly CHILDREN much the same as false HISTORY.E.g.Every one is taught that America helped WIN the war against Nazi Germany but how many are told about America financing the WAR MACHINE and where did the majority of bullion and art works end up?The religions WORLDWIDE cause more Death and Oppression than anything else


Mono theism is unnatural.
No real proof for any other deity…maybe if you accept that ‘Mother Earth, Father Sun’ are concepts, but as for a thinking/feeling individuals, history makes that EXTREMELY doubtful.


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