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Evolution is a science or well decided game of God?

It is well accepted that subconscious mind has infinite power and knowledge, Is the evolution is just a game of subconscious mind to thrive and anchor the ultimate zenith or this universe is a mere creation of GOD. I mean whether God has decissively created this universe or it is the universal science that is occuring lawfully?


  1. God made man and man made science.
    Every living thing that evolves originally was created by God.
    That’s my theroy.
    If we could explain away all life’s mysteries, WE would be God…(that aint gonna happen).

  2. Evolution rules out any gods, as do the ‘rules’ of religion(s) (who designs the designer?). Both call for its nonexistence, and entire lack of not only probability, but necessity.

  3. Evolution is asciece since it’s discussed by scientist and not just agame decided by God and know that God created everything in the unverse and the heavens.

  4. Lets put it this way, when you find a scientist who can CREATE only one of the many things that exist on this planet alone (never mind the whole solar system), take anything….a fish for example……then you have the answer.
    There are many things around us which work like a clock, so precise and with a purpose and a function to perform ( take human body organs one by one for example) that an accidental evolution could not justify them but a well calculated invention…..and so on….

  5. well friend those scientists who dot belive in god they say its all evolution but if you realy want know the truth then go and ask the those famous personality who know alot about evolution and they will tell you that effect of evolution is always bad after evolltion the animals become mutated and then they die there is no prove of positive results of evolution that would support the theory about man evolve after animals
    all of the proves of evluiotion support that man is not the result of evolution.
    each and every thing on this earth today and before was created in pairs of male and female after that GOD started this all game !!! if you have time to search the truth then hear is a site for you (www.harunyahya.com) and (http://www.harunyahya.com/m_presentation.php)
    plz explore these sites for sake of knowledge plz i insist

  6. The Mind, Subconscious or conscious is finite and readily deteriorates on the road of aging, and loses all knowledge and power at death, a medical doctor would tell you this is true. But is the subconscious infinite and also our soul? Depends what you Believe.
    Evolution is a theory. God is a Belief.
    If a day to God, = 2 1/2 Billion Years to Man, it would take him six God days, or 15 Billion years to create man, and everything else that previously led up to man. It’s really how you Believe the Theory. Archeologists are scientifically proving the accounts in the Bible true, and the science can fit the scripture if you look at it with an open mind.
    The subconscious mind may have created the theory, but If you Believe, is not the subconscious mind also created by God? Hence evolution and the theory of it would be created by God. The Universal Science would also be created by God.
    If you don’t Believe then I guess your first ancestors were pond scum and that’s as far back as it goes, and the medical doctor was right, the subconcious is finite and failing.
    Mere Creation of God? The Infinate Universe is Mere? God is Mere? God Loves You.


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