Evidence of past lives or regression therapy?






I am writing a paper for a Healers and Mediums class I am taking. I thinking about investigating past lives and regression therapy. Does anybody know of good paranormal websites or metaphysics articles I can use?
I’ve already read all of Dr. Brian Weiss’s books, though they are helpful, I need something with a little more evidence.


  1. I recommend Joe Nickel’s book ‘The Real Life X-Files’ where he investigates some of the past-life regression subjects. I doubt a website would be a reasonable source of information for a college research paper.
    Just out of curiosity, where are you taking this course?

  2. Your best bet would probably be Ian Stevenson, of University of Virginia. See the link below. He’s written a number of articles. Regression therapy is almost synonymous with psychiatric quackery, but Stevenson took a more scientific approach. It might be good to contrast the two.

  3. Here are a few websites dealing with past life regression and related topics.Would you mind letting us know where the Healers and Mediums class is offered?I’m sure there would be a lot of interest from others on Y/A..

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