Home Discussion Forum everytime i eat nuts, i get immflamations where healing acne is?

everytime i eat nuts, i get immflamations where healing acne is?

i dont normally get acne, only like one or two, but everytime i eat nuts always within a few minutes i get immflamation. it only appears however where acne was previously (I.E where the skin is still slightly red from healing) why is this??
its not coincidence bcuz one i had only two healing spots on opposite sides of my face and they both became imflamed.
why does it only accur to recovering spots and not form new large immflamations all together
do i have an allergy?


  1. you probably have an alergy. Allergies to nuts is one of the most common allergies there are. Talk to your doc about it, he can test you and see if thats the case.

  2. i’m allergic to peanuts and this happens to me too! you should get an allergy test. holy crap, when i ate shrimps once, my face was covered in acne the next day. then a couple of months later, i got a food allergy test and i tested positive for shellfish allergy. allergies can definitely make your acne worse, but sometimes just eating a lot of fattening foods (like nuts, fried food, dairy) can also make your skin inflamed. i don’t care what anyone says about food not affecting your skin. that truly is a crock of shit! there are of course some people that can eat anything and not have any acne(bastards!)..anyway, get a test. if i were you, i would get a test for every time of nut and also dairy wheat and other common food allergens. look up common food allergens on wiki or webmd. then just get a doc to write you a script for all of them. if you are not allergic to nuts, but are still having acne probs, then i would suggest maybe eating them in their raw state cause some nuts are roasted in bad oils that aren’t good for your skin. good luck hope that helps! oh crap, one more thing, try to eat meat, eggs, and dairy without anti-biotics. i swear that helped my skin so much!

  3. What leelee said was true for me too. But note that she is basically saying that it will probably not only be nuts.
    From mid to late teens I had achne, at first I tried every achne cream available, some have a good effect, but the reason was that they clean without soap.
    This is what I found.
    Avoid touching your face with your hands other than when washing. Wash your face with soap free products, this will not be an instant cure, but will help over time, at least as important as the washing is the rinsing. Refill the bowl with clean fresh water and rinse, while rinsing massage your face, this is to get the blood to the surface so it can do its job from the inside. Then when drying be rigorous with the towel, this too is just to get the blood to the surface.
    Never put anything on your face, such as after shave or makeup, these are too strong and kill off your skin’d own defences. Aim to have a face that is chemical free.
    Eat well, low fats and low oils, this is a nice healthy choice anyway, I know those burgers are tempting, but every time you look at a menu in your mind replace the fatty foods with a zit on your nose. You will soon learn to avoid them.
    Excess sweet food did it for me too, limit yourself to one thing sweet per day (and I don’t mean a pound box of chocolates 🙂 ).
    I don’t get achne now, but I still stick to the rules, you would be amazed how many people notice my healthy complexion. Chemicals, including those from cosmetic firms who should know better, are bad for your complexion.
    I am fifty but I have been told that I have the face of a man in his early 40s. It worked for me I am certain it will work for you too.

  4. There is no doubt that you are allergic to peanuts. You will just have to stay away from them or better still, get a positive allergy test to confirm. As to why it comes out in the same place, I have no clue.

  5. Could just be where it shows up, you know? I’m not sure why it’s only over the healing rashes.
    Anyway, sounds like you’re having an allergic reaction, and you shouldn’t eat them anymore. Having a reaction that quickly often leads to anaphalactic shock, which is life threatening.

  6. Peanuts are legumes. Allergies to seeds and nuts are different.
    Seed and Nut reactions can cause acne. Including all seed and nut oils. Sunflower oil is in a lot of processed foods to be avoided. If you go off seeds and nuts, it does not improve your chances of going back on them. Almost better to have a little in your diet. Reactions seem to be more severe if you go off all of it and then try and have nuts and seeds. The reaction can be worse. Avoid processed foods, eat more fruit, vegetables, beans, meats, dairy, non nut oils. Whole foods grown from the earth and not precessed. Avoid cellulose in foods as they may be derived from nut hulls. Acne seems to occur from nut meats as the allergy can not process the nut meat and sends it to the surface of your skin instead as a pimple or cyst. Breakouts can occur mostly on the back of your arms, but, face, and back. This allergy can occur at birth and get worse as you get older. The bodies ability to process nut meats does not exist in a persons make up, if born with this allergy. Best to ignore any acne breakout and not mess with it or it will make it worse. Red sore inflamed and causes purple blemishes sometimes, can be painful until it heals in 3 to 4 days. After eating nuts reaction will occur 24 hours or sooner. Leave it alone, don’t pick at it


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