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Everyone is born with psychic abilities right? How can i bring mine out and open my third eye?

What exactly can i do to become more aware? I would like to explore the realm psychic are able to. I want to tune into that energy and reality. What do i have to do?


  1. Hi Well you can read books on the subject but it is much harder than going to a self awareness class where they set aside a day or so to enhance your visualization skills and actully you will participate in what they call cases, But like every thing it requires belief and practice

  2. Your third eye is nestled between and above the common two. The problem is that it is covered with an unopen “eye lid” of flesh. Get a knife and dig for it. Keep in mind that in the most enlightened of us, it may be buried deep. You may have to get out your dads chisel and go through the bone.

  3. You are your “third eye”. You’ve only learned to ignore yourself for what you can see with your physical eyes. Let go of the illusion that you are imprisoned within yourself.

  4. Keep your clear mind, humans have only their natural talents. Such allegly inate supernatural gifts can only be from a higher power – and if not credited and attributed to in a Scriptural way to God, this means demonic. Most likly your efforts will amount to nothing past the natural, but I caution you against such attempts just the same.

  5. In the guide book is stated that if you have a problem to open your third eye, you should skip it and open your fourth eye, but if you can not open your fourth eye then you are to discontinue because you do not have any such abilities.


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