Home Discussion Forum Ever see this spiritual truth about women?

Ever see this spiritual truth about women?

In loving a woman God has shown me that I should help her see she is a princess first. From the scriptures I discovered that to speak adoring words to her and kiss her face repeatedly awakens the Sleeping Beauty within her, even as much as anything else. I think women respond to words and adoration beacuse they are created in the image of God. Do you agree or can you add to this ? Prayer is like spiritually kissing God.
to all the girls that are ” barfing ” below in the answers….I have nvr heard of such a thing in my life as your negativity. Of course we are equals. Girls are made in the ” image of God “.


  1. You’re pretty far off base. C’mon, do you really think women want to be treated like little porcelian dolls or do you think they wanted to be treated as your equals?

  2. Well, as a woman, this makes me want to barf.
    I am no princess. I am my spouse’s equal in every sense.
    The bible tells me I am to remain quiet and let my husband have dominion over me. Guess what I think of that?

  3. I think you’re on a roll.
    God is a romantic. Picture this – a wonderful creation with angels, stars, creatures and waterfalls declared good 7 times by the mouth of God yet not VERY GOOD until the first couple was made.
    Out of the wounded side of the man, the woman was brought forth. It gives us a tiny glimpse of how the church was born out of the wounded side of the Messiah and as a group will become the ‘bride of Christ’ to learn about Him and enjoy Him forever.
    A beauty contest in the garden of Eden… and the winner is EVE!!!!! … a fall, yes.. but pointing toward the greater marriage supper of the Lamb which will be enjoyed into the ages of the ages by the redeemed….and they will live happily ever after.

  4. i think that’s sweet. trust me, every woman wants a good man that treats them right. so the girls that think this is ridiculous then i guess you just want a man that treats you like crap instead of showing you how you should really be treated.
    I’m equal to my husband but yet he treats me the way God intented him to treat me. and it’s a beautiful thing.
    Song of Solomon 1 (King James Version)
    Song of Solomon 1
    2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.
    *whew* if that’s not beautiful in itself then i don’t know what it.

  5. Wow, any girl would be lucky to have you buddy!
    But don’t start kissing her feet or putting her face on your cross.
    Peace and lurve.

  6. Women want to be treated like women. Treating a full grown woman as a princess is nearly suggesting treating her as a little girl in need of rescue (the man saves the maiden with a kiss).
    Real adult women have problems and issues that can not be kissed away.

  7. I don’t really understand how you’ve discovered that women like to be verbally affirmed through Scriptures. I am sure that the Bible talks about how to treat women, as well as every other human, but that’s a pretty common-sense idea.
    I think all people respond to words of adoration-they just need to hear different words. Men would think it ridiculous and unnecessary to be reminded of how physically attractive they are, it’s more beneficial for them to be affirmed about who the ARE, how great of a job they do and that they’re RESPECTED.
    Women like to be emotionally affirmed.
    I guess I agree with you, that women like to be affirmed and adored.
    I’m not sure about the prayer is spiritually kissing God. I think prayer is fostering a relationship with God and part of a relationship is verbal communication (prayer).

  8. yes i agree with you… i also believe that women are beautiful because their spirits are free… your love for a woman should never hold her wings down or keep her from soaring… thank you
    happy thoughts of love peace and light


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