Ever noticed that Halloween is 6 months away from the Ascension of Christ?

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Exactly the opposite time of the year? All Saints Day being when spirits are “drawn” to Earth? Did Christ Ascend along with spiritual forces at work? When they were pulling away from Earth?

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And your point is?


That is not a question you are making a statement because there is nothing to answer but yes or no. Never the less I will answer, no, i didn’t realize that.


and your point being

Rachael T

Actually, Samhain (the original holiday) was a harvest festival that celebrated the bounty of the fields. I, personally, think it’s more telling that Christmas is in the middle of winter–at the darkest time of year. (Four days away from the winter solstice, actually.)


Yes, but scripturally it has absolutely nothing to do with the Ascension of Christ. There are inumerable references to both at your fingertips. A bit more study will convince you of it, I’m sure.


The feast of Samhain was in existance at LEAST 500 years before Christ was born and may have roots as far back as the neolithic….


Is our purpose to evolve into higher beings of consciousness which recognizes….?

love as the only force that connects and binds all in existence together into one being of perfection?

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