ever heard of the term called lightworker? what is it ?

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A person who carries light within them and came here to hold light to this planet. A person who is here to help the planet and humanity ascend.


Related to Indigo Children, lightworkers are also considered “healers” and have properties to them which are meant to help in life, help others etc.

just a christian

well at fords we call them folks “slugs”
they are a cancer in our company

Mel-am Meru

If it’s referring to someone spiritual (this is in religious section) it is someone who works with energies and does good.
It could also pertain to top secret material that no one is suppose to know about…how did you hear about this anyways??

dogpatch USA

Sounds like some one making conceited claims one should be skeptical of. And please tell those immature indigo’s to bug off or gain a modicum of respect.


Have you hugged a tree lately?

You are sucking oxygen, aren't you?

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