Home Discussion Forum Ever have a tarot reading bring you peace and clarity?

Ever have a tarot reading bring you peace and clarity?

A reading so accurate that hit home and everything just made total and complete sense, and just gave you that sense of weight being lifted, allowing you to feel so much better about things? What did it say/what was it about?


  1. Tarot card reading is the deceptive work of Satan to provide false hopes to those who prefer to dabble with the occult than believe in the True Light, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  2. No, all i got was a woman who chatted to me and asked me lots of personal questions before the reading and then quoted what I told her back at me. Coupled with her own guesses based on my appearance.
    It DID give me peace and clarity in that I knew from then on that tarot was a sham and I was a dufus who wasted thirty bucks.

  3. I do my own readings,and yes i have those kind of readings before and have giving those kind of readings to others before…

  4. Yes. My friends and I exchange readings with each other. So I guess I get better readings than their clients as they all seem to want me to read them. The best was one that said my life would drastically change and it did. I found out my 2nd hubby was having an affair and left him for another man who taught me to fly. Even bought me a my own plane(c-152). That was yrs ago nothing to knew now.

  5. I used to give readings. Very accurate, But I could have said anything and still be believed.
    The truth is, that people who seek such a service (and those who practise it). For fun or other reasons, really need to sort out their lives and get control back of their thinking and aims in life.
    Knowing what is going to happen next week, will not prevent it. In fact it may unbalance you to worry about such things.
    To such people I say, get a life…..and get in control of it. Don’t be a slave to your fears. Stop waiting and watching and live your life as we where meant to. Free to make mistakes and learn by them.
    There are no sort cuts. If you think there is….. there will be a price to pay.

  6. i havent had one, but i could imagine how it must feel. One of my coworkers at my last job was a big believer in Tarot cards.

  7. Nope not at all the whole idea actually creeps me out a bit. Yeah a 260lb guy has fears, just don’t teal anyone.


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