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Ever Got Caught Doing Something Bad By Ur Parents?

Well I did ! Here’s my story:
So the other day me & my boyfriend decided to ditch school so we could hang out in his house ! We decided to call my school , & have my boyfriend pretend to be my dad . So my Bf cleared my absences . But right when I got home my mom started hitting me with a stick saying someone called the school & pretending to be my dad. So I started making up all these lies & now it feels like my life is sooo over ! I think this is bad karma or god punishing me for doing sooo many sins.
But anyways what’s your getting caught story ? I wana know , it’ll make me feel a lil better[: & tell me wat was ur punishment ! From getting caught having sex to getting caught lying it doesn’t matter . Buh thanks (=


  1. When I was in high school the same exact thing happened to me. I was pretty much the worst kid ever. I used to sneak out, drink, smoke, never go to schoo…etc. I always got my phone or my car takin away. I feel really bad about it now though since I’m older, just try to be better and apologize. If me and my parents can be as close as we are now I’m sure you guys will work it out!

  2. this too shall pass!!!
    it seems like the end of the world, but its not. life goes on and pretty soon you’ll do something else to get their mind off it. they won’t remember this forever. when you turn 18, you will move out, and nothing that is happening to you right now will matter. All teens do stupid stuff like that. I did exactly what you did but I didn’t get caught (hehe) but there are plenty of other things i did do worse than that and I’m in my late 20’s now and it’s just something you laugh at, a funny story to tell your kids.

  3. Well it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t go to school `coz I couldn’t be bothered and went somewhere with some of my friends. My mum found out but she didn’t mind.
    That’s it. lol. So I guess it’s nothing really major… My mum lets me skip as long as I keep my grades up anyways. 🙂

  4. Worst was getting caught having sex when I was 19 by my mother. I did marry him though. That was the worst thing.
    Once when I was 16 I left house in my car and went to a friends without asking mom. While I was inside with friend, my mom came and got my car without me knowing. I had to find a way home. So, I never did that again.
    Mom put me in jail once when I tried to fight her. That stopped that also. I was around 16.

  5. Got caught sneaking out my window to go with some friends to roll another friends yard. I got about 6 weeks of you cannot be trusted to be left alone. So I had to accompany my parents everywhere it was torture.
    At 16 I ran away to New Orleans got caught by the police. aghhhh. I was grounded for 4 months and they took my car away permanently! Of course I did many more things. I have no idea why they let me live lol. Trust me life is all about making mistakes you are not alone on this one. This too shall pass. You have lots more time to screw stuff up just like the rest of us. If it don’t kill you it will make you stronger.
    Don’t beat yourself up to bad over it nobody is perfect. I bet your parents have done things they are not going to share with you they are not proud of. Let it go learn from your mistakes. Get going and have fun!

  6. im 15 and still a virgin. I got left alone with my boyfriend at my house. The whole night we didnt do anything. but then one thing lead to another and my hands were in his pants and his were in mine. My dad walks in and flips. We pretened like nothing happened but hes like im not stupid. We didnt talk for 2 weeks after that. My dad doesnt trust me. Its been 3 months after that. We r not aloud in my room, and he hates my bf. Everytime i get in trouble he brings up that night and its really okward. I dont say anything. Me and my dad used to be really close and now its okward and we never talk. :/

  7. well i attemped to take my dads car tonight, and i didnt even make it past backing up a lil bit, i dont have my license or my permit. summer just started, and he is really mad, idc but i do at the same time


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