Essay: Im going an essay between the views of a Wiccan and Christian, what do they think about reincarnation?

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I am Wiccan myself, but not to familiar with Christian views, now i know they don’t believe in reincarnation but what do they think about it?
I really want good theories here people, no jokes lol

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Capitan del Camino Rio

Well, since I am a Christian I’ll tell you my viewpoint.
So this is assumed, as Christian I believe my God created all things and thus the origin of truth. So that is the view point I am taking just so you understand.
That being said then, all religions are based off one true religion taught to Adam and Noah as well as many other prophets. Somewhere along the line people misunderstood his teachings.
Now I am LDS. And as such believe that their are many phases to our life. First we lived in heaven with God before we came to earth. He was our spiritual father, literally. Here we did not have a body. Then we came to earth to receive a mortal body and be tested to see what we could learn on earth alone without KNOWING God was there though we may believe and may find out along our path. Then we die and our spirits are removed from our bodies and we wait until the Second Coming of Christ. After that point we are judged and gain perfect, immortal, and incorruptible bodies.
If this is the truth and I, dare I say it, know that it is, then the concept of reincarnation would be deemed comprehensible. Since at one point in time the belief of different phases of a human’s eternal life, could be misunderstood as a rebirth of sorts and as such reincarnation.
So sort of I believe in reincarnation in that I will be incarnated once and reincarnated again with a perfect, and immortal body.
Now, this is not meant to be offensive. You could probably turn this all around on me and put it to me as a reincarnatist’s view point but there it is.


My mom is a loose Christian, she believes in reincarnation, but she’s also not completely devout. From what I’ve read, Christians don’t really believe in it. They think you go to heaven, and that’s it. There’s no room for rebirth in their system. If you want some other insight, you could look into Reba Macentyre (sp), she’s christian, and recently said that she felt she had been reincarnated… which I guess raised a bit of a hubub because she wasn’t acting “in faith”… so yeah.
There’s my 2 cents.

Danielle Susskind

Reincarnation is truth and represents the Rosetta stone of Jesus’ ministry that makes sense of his teachings and of life itself. Unfortunately, as unbiased history reveals, this Rosetta stone got broken and buried by the corrupt early church in Rome who figured out that in order to wield absolute power over men’s souls, this particular “mystery” would have to be hidden from the public.
The early church edited, rewrote and redefined Christianity to place itself as the mediator between “God” and mankind. Only a few fragments of that particular religious truth remain but they are clearly there: e.g., WHO sinned, THIS MAN or his parents, that HE BE BORN BLIND?… TRULY, LITERALLY, YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. Jesus’ teachings on rebirth and karma are sprinkled throughout the NT for anyone who has (open) eyes to see.
History provides proof as well, although hardcore (hardheaded) fundamentalists try desperately to rewrite it. As the Dead Sea scrolls verify, John the Baptist was a member of the Essene sect of Judaism; Essenes were one of many Jewish sects that accepted and taught reincarnation. Jewish mysticism has always taught that reincarnation is true, since before the time of Jesus, and there is no doubt that Jesus was a Jewish mystic. Baptism originated as symbolic of reincarnation, of being dead and rising up in physical rebirth (water) to live again. To be baptized signified the acceptance of reincarnation and its promise of a new *physical* – not merely spiritual – life.
When John’s cousin Jesus was baptized, to Jews of his acquaintance it was symbolic of Jesus’ soul having returned in a new state of being.
There is absolutely nothing in the bible that “disproves” reincarnation. The oft-quoted “It is appointed that men die once and face judgment” has no connection to rebirth. As the man is dead, what exactly do you think hangs around to face judgment? Yes, that non-corporeal part of that person, usually referred to as the soul. And the *soul* is what reincarnates.
Does a “man” die only once? Perhaps not: Science has proved that people die and are revived every day of the week, so no, a person may be clinically “dead” more than once. But whether or not the body ceases to function and returns to life, we’re really talking about the soul, aren’t we? It’s the soul that does not die. Although re-writers of the NT essentially presented Jesus as a zombie rather than a reborn soul in a new body, the soul does not return to the old physical body after the final death of the body. Resurrection = reincarnation distorted by men who didn’t understand the mystery Jesus attempted to teach them.
That “judgment” faced at death is actually contemplation of your previous life, your failures and successes. This contemplation (self judgment) is a fundamental Jewish concept. “Hell” is a Christian invention. Jews believe that there is a period of contemplation after death. This is “the judgment.” Unfortunately, Christians ignore the fact that Jesus was Jewish, in particular an Essene Jew. Even the Pope, however, recently admitted that Jesus followed the Essene calendar, according to when he celebrated “the last supper’s” Passover.
Essenes naturally followed the Essene calendar, and Essenes believed in reincarnation, baptism, and all the things Jesus taught.
Other bible verses contradict the single, solitary “man dies but once” verse. Paul wrote, “I die daily.” There’s a reference in the NT to “the second death.” Clearly other bible verses disagree with the “once” remark, which is an indication that it has a limited meaning.
This Isaiah verse that Christians slap on every question about reincarnation at YA may refer to zombies, but not to the return of the eternal soul in a new body — which is what Jesus believed in and attempted to teach. Apparently he failed. Fortunately, reincarnation requires no belief. You return whether you believe in reincarnation or not. Awareness of one’s eternal journey is not necessary in order to continue learning and perfecting the spirit.
“Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect,” Jesus instructed his followers. He didn’t say ‘hey, do your best,’ or ‘if you just believe I existed that’s enough…’ He said BE AS PERFECT AS GOD IS. Jesus indicated, according to the bible, that absolute perfection is within the reach of every human when he made the statement, YE ARE GODS.
Anyone with a functioning mind should be able to comprehend that perfection and godliness cannot be attained in a single lifetime and that unbiased examination of historical fact is evidence that Jesus was a reincarnationist.


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