Home Discussion Forum Err... Should this happen when i try to see my aura?

Err… Should this happen when i try to see my aura?

Im really interested in auras and I’ve been trying to see mine for a few days but when I try to see my aura, my face kind of blurs out after I stare at my Brow Chakra for a while.
Is that supposed to happen?
this kinda makes me lose my concentration. :\


  1. You’re staring too hard and blurring your vision. Sorry, someone’s been lying to you. You don’t have an aura; no one does. Plenty of people claim they can see them, but then can’t pass simple tests to prove it (like being able to see someone’s aura extending past something covering their body to say if someone is there or not, after claiming auras can extend for several feet). The chakra thing is also made-up; part of an old religion.

  2. Some people who have seizures and migraines can see auras before an attack other people like yourself are trying to duplicate this medical condition by staring at things until they experience retinal fatigue which causes the illusion of an aura.
    The idea that an aura is some magical energy is just a myth.

  3. Generally when people claim they can see auras what they are really seeing is an optical illusion caused by focusing your vision and fatiguing the retina.
    Here are some examples for those who don’t believe in optical illusions and cling to the childish idea that auras are some mystical energy shroud surrounding our body.
    These illusions all play on the same concept of color fatigue that aura gazing plays on.

  4. i dunno if what i see is an aura or what ..
    but when am rly tired and in bed (going to sleep)
    i have my dim bedlight on and kinda move my arm and see this thing
    this i dunno wtf an illusion maybe it is..
    but it’s b4 i go to sleep
    Are u trying to do it in front of a mirror?? O_o

  5. First of all people who see auras do not have X-Ray vision so this so called test about seeing the aura through objects is ridiculous. Now as for looking at your brow you need to stop that, until you have developed it better and are capable of seeing further (into yourself), what you are seeing is what people call the third eye you should not be able to look at it because once you get better at seeing auras you will be able to see through your third eye by closing your eyes (it like that trick that they say ninjas do by seeing by closing their eyes). Now as for your face blurring think of it as looking into water and your basically creating waves by looking into something your not ready to look at.


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