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Entheogenic drug use?

What are your personal views on entheogenic drug use?
For example: marijuana, mescaline, DMT, etc
Its not a question about the illegality (as many of these substances can be found in legal alternatives) – but the moral, ethical, spiritual and religious consequences?
(An entheogen is a drug used for religious or spiritual purposes – for things such as enlightenment, spiritual exploration, becoming close to god, seeing what is believed to already be there, etc.)
Please, I don’t want an atheist rant about how god/spirits/etc aren’t real. I know how you feel, that wasn’t the question I asked.
I ask because entheogens can be used as a direct link to the spiritual world – there is no interference by the ego and the spirit can be released in a relatively safe way to be able to return home – thus concreting beliefs with an actual unadulterated spiritual experience.
(As theorized by the majority of entheogen users and a number of scientists)


  1. “can be used as a direct link to the spiritual world” . . . ? According to what? That is pure speculation.
    Altering the function of the brain changes perception? No way. -.-
    If you like the drug, take it. As to me, it’s nothing to do with the spiritual realm – just people tripping and hallucinating.

  2. I believe that these drugs in their natural forms are an excellent way of expanding ones horizons.
    We Atheists are rarely the ones who tend to “rant”.

  3. Regardless of the use, drugs such as marijuana should be legalised.
    It has certainly been *said* to have an effect which heightens the level of a person’s consciousness, thus I agree that we can bypass the ego and communicate with our true Will.
    * apparently 😉

  4. From past experiences I would say NO. Entheogenic drugs do “open up” your mind but if you’re looking to build a good relationship to God it won’t work. All drugs in the end ruin all things good. (seriously.)

  5. If used in moderation, such substances are not dangerous and can potentially have positive effects in the person’s life.
    Marijuana, though not physically addictive, is psychologically addictive and in the long run, with frequent use, can lead to anxiety, depression, and life consequences which shadow any positive benefit of use… But that is for the heavy user.
    Alcohol is the most dangerous of the ‘less dangerous’ drugs used by humans… Yet it is ENCOURAGED because it is ‘socially acceptable’.
    ALL drugs are ‘bad’ if not taken in moderation… But most people are not ABLE to use in moderation…
    MOST drugs are illegal not because of their physical effects, but because of the social effects… And the perception that they are used by “minorities”.
    Check out this History Channel 4 part series called “Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way”
    GoogleVideo.com Search: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Hooked+Illegal+Drugs+and+how+they+got+that+way&emb=0&aq=f#
    This doc should answer a lot of questions about these substances.

  6. I believe that drugs that have a psychedelic effect are life changing drugs. Like marijuana and LSD. Smoking marijuana for two months straight changed my life for the better. I was living in a boring world were getting a good job and keeping the status quo was okay with me. Not anymore. Now I know what is important in my life.
    With regards to your spiritual word, it could very well be that way back when, people who didn’t know what these drugs were would think they were being contacted and visited by spirits.


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