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Enlightenment and the holgraphic mind/beam….???

For an interesting ‘slant’ on enlightenment and the “Who/what am I” question…read on. *Wow*
“The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe. We can view ourselves as physical bodies moving through space. Or we can view ourselves as a blur of interference patterns enfolded throughout the cosmic hologram.
This could be also expressed with the analogy that the brain is like the laser beam that shines through the holographic film to interpret the patterns. As it turns out, you can preserve the interference patterns of more than one hologram on the same film by using various different angles of projection of the laser beams.
Therefore, depending on the direction and frequency of the beam that you send through the film, a different hologram will appear. So, if applied to the brain, consciousness literally becomes the co-creator of the reality portrayed depending upon its angle of perception. ”
Something to chew on.
To be continued…. =)
Hmmm….vedy in-ta-dest-ting!
Great, cute1…I’ll look for your article.
I do think this ties into the “enlightenment thingy’ in a beautiful way. =)
We can edit Littlecomfort…I thinking this is what the ‘enlightened ones’ do that the many of us are not doing. They “edit” every moment by keeping an eye on what the mind is leading them into!!
So, you’re saying that you know EXACTLY what “mind stuff” is made of?? That’s cool!


  1. So……we’re all in one big DVD then, so why can’t I edit my luck ?
    Edit: I do find this very interesting but as true enlightenment takes many many years of constant meditation to achieve (to the detriment of all else ie: any form of lifestyle shy of nutrients and body sustenance) and very few have actually truly achieved this level.
    Theory sounds good but like all theories it needs to be proven in practise.

  2. Yes, I agree Very Interesting
    I’m looking for this article I read the other day… It stated the mind can see what the eye cannot, It said that so many people were tested and they zapped the eyes to blind them with this solution so the eye was not able to see anything but darkness, while they were blinded they were shown pictures of things ..
    all Different people, all different pictures, Okay
    anyways when asked what do you see they all said nothing..
    After their vision returned they were all asked if you had to guess at what you thought you saw what would you say..
    98% of the people said exactly what the picture was they were shown while blinded… green dots, blue butterfly blah blah blah
    This tooo made me say……..HMMMMMM
    Soon as I find it I will post the link it is by far A Very Interesting read.

  3. “So, if applied to the brain, consciousness literally becomes the co-creator of the reality portrayed depending upon its angle of perception.”
    The difficulty with a theory about how consciousness creates it’s reality is that the theory is one of those creations. It’s much simpler than that.

  4. there are 2 types of ‘reality’. ‘perceived reality’ and ‘true reality’. no one knows what true reality is because each and everyone of us is living out our perception of reality. take all those perceptions of reality all at once and you have taken a baby step towards “GOD”

  5. Unfortunately in your many good words, you have got confused, this hologram idea is the memory, the space is the people around each individual. The cosmic hologram, sorry but WTF, the end of the question is about entering into other peoples memories, which seems pointless.

  6. Yes, this is the idea that got started years ago with *The Crack in the Cosmic Egg* & it’s been continuing with discoveries in quantum physics & psychology.

  7. Man this is straight out of a Star Trek Next Generation episode.
    It had Q, Dr. Moriarti, and Data as Sherlock Holmes in it.
    It ends with the hologram put in device to keep it running forever in a holographic world. After which the one guy address the computer to “End Program” as if he were in a contraption just like it of his own.
    I always wonder if theres some language or set of sounds or energy pulses out there that would allow us to say “End Program” to the universe.


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