Energy/phychic vampires? Draining me? Psychic Attacks. . .?






How do you protect yourself? are there any visualization techniques? gemstones? Any way to protect yourself against them?
What if you have a “cord” with them, how do you cut the cord….a psychic cord? (This cord is formed with people you are intimate with/relatives/friends, etc.)


  1. It’s nothing to do with magic/vampies as there is no such thing i’m afraid.
    Perhaps see a Doctor over your low energy levels or change diet to give you that extra boost of energy you seem to need.

  2. The cord you talk of is an etherical thread. I do not think they can be cut. But you can put a protective shield around so they can not suck your energy. But you have to refuse to let them in. just say continuously to yourself My energy is and I share with none in this time. Try if you can to light a circle of candles for an hour each night. Good Luck!

  3. Yes, visualization through meditation can help with the cord. Just visualize it with a BIG gap in the cord between you. Don’t see it seperating, see it seperate!
    As for protecting yourself against “Psychic attack”, being aware of it is a VERY good thing as once you are aware a certain person is doing something, you can create a wall..again, visualization. Also, see yourself, forcing them back, or pushing them away, this works wonders. There is also the light. Visualize the pure,bright, white light around you.
    I often (when I feel threatened as you describe) visualize a ball of light starting in my belly that grows slowly and then explodes outwords pushing away anything negative away with it.
    Good luck.

  4. the answer is simple “Don’t be a fool” stand firm and don’t let people take advantage of you. a psychic vampire is just a person that uses other people usually because they don’t know how to take care of themselves or be a part of modern society. As for psychic attacks that’s even easier to protect yourself from just rebuke the attacks, strengthen your will power and make self-mastery an every day part of your life.

  5. Mother anne is right. i often use white light as my deepest place of meditation, and part of it requires that nothing is allowed in except myself. no outside thoughts or influences. it has to be my safest place from negative energy. practicing these kind of separations make it easier to protect myself from psychic saturation, if you will. if you know who would be doing this, make sure you are separated from them physically and refuse to share any personal information, too. i, too imagine a “wall” or shield.

  6. Citrine is known to have many magical properties. It works well as a defence towards psychic attacks. By wearing it, or keeping a piece in your pocket, it is known to protect, balance, direct and calm energy of the 2nd and 3rd chakra. Also, you could try grounding your energy using this exercise:
    For me it works better if I focus on water than the earth, as it corresponds with my horoscope sign.< If that makes anysense.. Also, here is an exercise that works almost instantly when used:

  7. ive never tried wearing citrine but i have a quartz pendulum that i have around my neck at all times that i have charged with healing and protective power. make sure you wear it close to your body though, because it can pick up someone else’s good or bad energy then it will effect you. make sure to cleanse your crystals too, i hold them point down under running water for a minute, or however long i feel is necessary 🙂
    and i also agree with the white light. when ever i feel threatened or scared i imagine i am surrounded by a sphere of white light. and then there are times when i get angry at someone and i see myself engulfed in flames, i can even imagine me throwing a fire ball at them….and when i do thats usually the time they shut up lol.

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