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Energy, spiritual striking force, does it exist or not?

I’ve felt a strike with qi many times and i understand some of the theories but even after training for awhile i get no affect 90% of the time and a great affect 10% of the time. What’s your understanding of the force generated “internally”. Qi doesn’t fly for me, i can see the method has effect, i just don’t know why. I understand dropping the weight, to add gravity and force, i understand co-ordinated movement adding accumulated muscular force. I also have at least a >partial< acceptance of electrical force from nerves, by relaxation disrupting nerve signals or adding force etc. Are there any other physiological reasons, hopefully with evidence or your personal theories that make sense. And youtube videos so do not fly either, you must be inbred to believe the majority of that "internal, energy, christian zen etc". i get freebies all the time, i havent paid insurance or membership for a year Do bagua and xing yi, just skeptical of concept looking for more scientific approach to learn better skill.


  1. This stuff is literally beyond the understanding of modern science. All we can tell is that the uke collapses and exhibits symptoms of shock.
    The explanation as to why has not been pinned down and proven. Theories fly everywhere and you’ve named a good number of them.
    The explanation that makes the most sense to me is cooperative uke syndrome. I don’t want to say these techniques are all imagined, but it makes the most sense with such low success rates.
    There was a show called Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves where they talked about all these sort of “no hit” styles. Check it out. Some is pretty far fetched. Some is slightly, SLIGHTLY more believeble, but i reserve my judgement till I can get more proof.

  2. I think there may be some truth behind it although there are alot of fakes and pretenders, look if you are any good at martial arts and have dedication your dojo will give you free or well reduced fees, IF you are dedicated !
    You said that you didnt and wouldnt go to a dojo, dont turn into a chronic liar.

  3. I get no effect 100% of the time.
    unless you refer to chi as proper structure, technique added to natural stregth to generate power, adrenalin or even better blood flow for better health and better conditioning (which the effects of better stamina is obvious).
    actually I DO have some youtube vids you will find of merit-
    george dillman putting his foot in his mouth on “no touch kos”
    yellow bamboo:
    you will find these debunkings interesting if you haven’t seen them already.
    punching in a “relaxed” manner is something that should be done as a rule, from boxers to kyokoshin, if we could transfer our electrical force from nerves we could power batteries with our fingers, only ET can do that and he went home in the 80’s (although I strongly suspect that sam casell is his love child that he left behind).

  4. It is real.
    In order to harness it, you need to study one of the INTERNAL martial arts:
    Tai Chi
    If you study one of the external martial arts you may occasionally feel it, but it will only be on rare occasions. You will not be able to control/focus it or have it at your beck and call.
    If a person flat out says “it doesn’t exist” it is paramount to saying:
    “The Taj Mahal doesn’t exist because I have never been to Agra and seen it with my own eyes.”
    Since you practice Bagua and Hsing-I yourself, you know that we are not talking about hurling a thunderbolt at somebody like Zeus (well… I’m not anyway!)
    If you are “looking for more scientific approach” the first thing that you need to do is to rid yourself of the rationalism with which the western mindset has been constricted in it’s observation of the universe.
    Plato and Aristotle have given us a set of superimposed pigeon holes (aka “a categorical framework”) through which we look at everything.
    Shed the western constrictions and attempt to take a truly unbiased look at the universe around us. Harken unto Hamlet…

  5. you need to study an internal art
    i don’t think you are going to find a scientific approach to what it is or how to harness it.
    and if you are just going from school to school for free lessons your not going to learn much. you basically get what you pay for

  6. Internal martial art will not give you Chi striking abilities. A few other people on here are saying they will and they’re full of baloney, amongst other things (too much of their own Chi, perhaps?).
    Internal martial arts are about body structure, balance manipulation and control in yourself and others, and body mechanics or how to get the maximum effect when you move your body. Any other claim is crap.
    No touch knockouts and Chi force stuff is all garbage, and I guarantee you that in the old days of martial arts, I’m talking pre-gun times when this stuff was still deadly, there weren’t any of these Dim-Mak, George Dillman types running around, because reliable martial arts that produced effective results based on weaknesses in the human anatomy were all they had. It’s not like now where there’s this false mysticism about martial arts that has been crafted by American culture, movies, and a lack of having to put martial arts into effective practice. The only reason these Chi Warrior types exist is because they don’t have to defend themselves on a daily basis with their “skills”. If they did, they’d give up that crap and learn basics.
    Go and search the Youtube video of the Kiai Master versus the MMA guy and see what happens when you try to bring magic and mysticism in the martial arts into a real situation.

  7. Feeling qi is one thing, useful qi is quite another.
    All the theories and stories I have heard and experienced about chi or qi (Not to mention- Li) don’t really have a specific usefulness in regards to fighting. Lots has been said about directing the “energy” but to what avail? Spotty answers at best. Even when this “energy” is directed to an organ to stimulate it, SO WHAT? What does this do and how do you now about whats really happening or even if it is done right. I don’t think anyone actually knows. There are no truely definitive writings on this subject not because of secrecy but because no one really knows.
    Most Qi development type arts are about skeletal alignment, muscle tension or lack of it, balance, and proper attitude.
    The only theory I subscribe to is that you can slightly increase the effectiveness of the bio-electric conductivity of your nerve pathways so as to achieve Better communication between your body and your brain. This is not magic but constant practice and repetition just like olympic athletes.
    With better sensitivity through practice you can begin to “feel” your body. Once again not magic, just practice at being relaxed and receptive. The best athletes or fighters always try to have a relaxed mind before a match or fight.
    Although there are strange but effective ways of achieving this it in no way can exist by itself. Hard training is necessary for all results even if you don’t train in explosive movements. Just like athletes describe “being in the zone” that is just the proper mental atitiude I mentioned earlier. All of the elusiveness of inturnal martial arts can be reduced to practice, receptiveness, correct mental atitiude, and even more practice. I am sure some physiological reasons exist to help create the mysterious “QI” (phobeas maybe) but not anything solid and concrete.

  8. Its real, but……
    1) there are limits, so forget the crap you see in ANY anime.
    2) anyone promising you that you can master it quickly is a charlatan; the only reliable, and at least so far seemingly honest from my perspective individual who can REALLY do it, is Shi Yang Ming, the director of the Shaolin temple in New York. However he has been doing Kung Fu since he was 5 years old, and I think he’s in his 40’s now. That is 40 years of Kung Fu training buddy, and crap man most of us won’t stick with anything for months at a time much less 40 years.
    3) As far as “throwing” someone just by waving your hand, Jedi Knight style, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m gonna have to be a little iffy on that. If that technique did exist, it would likely not be taught, and a master who could do it would likely not use it in the real world, reason being people would go crazy, and suddenly their door would be full of wannabe students wanting to learn for all the wrong reasons, who would not have a work ethic or dedication strong enough to learn it well, etc, etc, in other words if the skill did exist, they probably would not teach you. Now I am not putting you down, and don’t take it the wrong way, but traditional masters of Kung Fu are known to reject 99% of the people they come in contact with. In days past they have even been known to reject the mighty Shaolin monks; not all the greatest masters of martial arts were temple graduates you know. If a great master existed in China, they would reject as a student, likely, even Shi Yang Ming, 40 years of Kung Fu experience and all. Shi Yang Ming is America’s resident Shaolin monk, and trust me, they would likely reject even him. What an old fashioned master of Kung Fu looks for, is the rarest of human beings; someone who has a pure heart, great determination and fortitute, and is not easily corrupted by power. If the skill did exist, it would be too dangerous to teach just anybody, so even if in the unlikely event you do witness a frail Chinese old man hurling a 250 lb muscle bound bruiser 40 feet by waving his hands around, don’t count on him EVER teaching you. Or her, it could also be a her, because energy is energy, not the gender of the mind controlling it.
    In the end it is best to maintain a strictly skeptical attitude, and think of “chi” as a health remedy that helps everything else. Besides, firing chi outward into the air, would deplete your body’s reserves; a true “chi master” as the myths go, is someone who gathers it from the air around them, and by the way, not just living creatures, but from even inanimate objects. The air itself has chi; it flows through the whole cosmos, not just in living creatures, meaning the supply is endless. In theoretical myth you use your body’s own energy, or the energy around it. Thing is if you use your body’s own energy you age quickly, prematurely, and die a horrific disease ridden death. If you learn to make it so that it flow through you, and rather than using your own you redirect what is around you, the myths say, then you tap into a limitless supply, you don’t hurt yourself from using your body’s, or a living thing by stealing theirs. So tell me, lets humor the myths here and assume this was real; do you honestly, truly, really think, a true master would teach you such dangerous knowledge?
    While this has nothing to do with “chi” (well sort of), here is a little rundown on why witches are always portrayed as old bats; the concept of “chi” isn’t unique to the Chinese. Every ancient culture knew about it, even European. Witches grew old quickly, because to do magic spells, they had to use some of their own body’s living energy, which aged them prematurely. And if they did not feel like using that, to gather it they would engage in orgies, or child sacrifice, the pure living energy of a small child the best for magic practice. See, that is why Joshua slaughtered the Canaanites; such practices were “abominable in the eyes of the lord God.”
    In case it is real man don’t go there; you are more likely to find an unethical, “evil” practitioner of the dark arts, rather than a saint, if you go out looking for that knowledge.
    good luck in real life, reputable and honest martial arts training though!


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