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"Energy" is that phenomena that is manifested in infinite expression utilizing consciousness as it conduit?

I believe that the spirit that is within each and everyone of us is “energy” that gives essences to consciousness. Your thoughts…….


  1. That kind of divine spark is there in every creature. Only the degree of its possession varies. It is for the individuals to realize this secret and to enlarge that divinity and shine with brightness. It is possible by good practices.

  2. I think consciousness has its source in the soul. I think all the energy comes from the soul or spirit. Our soul provides all the energy necessary for the mind and the body to experience the world of senses.

  3. In one way I believe that what you say is correct, but everything has an energy and the human energy is probably much more complex. We all use those energies on one level or another and most people use these energies on lower level desires, or have them drained by lesser activities. Most people are dead to higher levels of consciousness, and what I believe you describe to be the spirit within is largely inactive in most.
    I believe that when one learns self mastery those energies can be channeled, consciously increasing conscience awareness and enlighten the physical organism. I think that everything which one normally does once done spiritually will have great benefits for the entire body on every level.

  4. No.
    Energy is the measurement of work performed by a system (in this example conciousness). Without the conciousness, there’s no energy, not the other way around.

  5. On the contrary it manifests whether anyone or anything is aware of it or not. Creation is the manifestation, again whether with awareness or not, in infinite expression if you wish. This is the ever- changing Universe. I imagine this energy as a huge melting pot type of nebula which receives, transforms. and transmits on all imaginable levels. Consciousness can act as a trigger because it can cause energy to travel to that melting pot and fulfill specific manifestations, but I would not call that being a conduit. Cheers!


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