Energy Healing hands on?

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I have a new pagan teacher. He claims my energy is off and I need my energy moved around my body. I told him, I am really uncomfortable with my sexual chakra and my heart chakra being balanced his way..Reiki they don’t touch you. He’s trying to touch my breasts and vagina this is sending up red flags. I have a hard time believing this isn’t molestation. HELP! Is there another way to move my energy around without the use of his hands directly on me? I’m flipping out.

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Guisseppe l

I will not even touch this question and answer but will say good luck finding out.


the guy is a perv and needs to be reported!!!! find a different reiki master!!!!


Firstly is he using reiki?
If he is doing energy healing and is invading your privacy then you should lay a charge against him with the police because in energy healing you DO NOT touch someone in such a way that it invades their privacy.
Anyways in energy healing the healer always asks first if they can touch you BUT not in a way that invades your privacy.
You should seek a female teacher just to be safe side because some men take advantage of people this way.
Maybe you should try a meditation on the chakras or use some crystals or some breathing exercises.
Oh and i’m attuned to the second degree of Reiki.


Unless he is using a yoni massage on you (and you should be informed prior), he shouldn’t be touching you, since touch will cause more imbalances. If you feel uncomfortable with him, change teachers.
This site might help you in learning how to self-balance your chakras.


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