End times??

Does anyone here feel that we are living in the end times? If so, could you please tell what kind? Such as do you believe it is the end times as prophecised in the bible? Do you think it is a spiritual awakening? Do you think we will ascend as human beings? Do you think the Earth is purely cleansing itself? Serious answers only- thank you!!


  1. wtf? no….. we’re gonna be here for a long time…… the Bible is very flawed…. can’t believe EVERYTHING you read……
    EDIT: when was the Earth formed? thats right….. NOT when the Bible says it was…… God did not create the Earth…… nor anything on it….. there is scientific proof of this all happening WAY before the Bible says it happened……..so my point is that since the Bible was wrong about the start of the Earth then it is obviously wrong about the end of life on Earth. The stories in the Bible somewhat conflict with each other….. so I think we have lots of time left……

  2. I feel in my heart that we may be close. The total erosion of societal morals and values, the exponential growth and support of secular ideals, vicious and commonplace attacks on Christianity and Judaism without recourse…

  3. yes i think we are living in the end times as prophecised in the bible. The bible says God will rapture his church (those who have given their life to him and believe in him) then there will be the 7 year tribultion (people who are left behind) they will have a chance to turn there lives over to God or spend enternity in hell. After the tribultion will be the glorious appearing,God reigns on earth for a thousand years, then the great white throne, then eternity. A great book besides the bible to read is “Are we living in the end times?” by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It will give you different books in the bible to read and help you understand more. They have a great series too called Left Behind. There is so much more to this than there is space to write. I hope this helps you.


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