Encountered a demon?

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Would those of you who have, please share your experiences. If you’re gonna say something about sleep paralysis or us needing medication, please save it. I know, some encounters can be explained that way, but not all…

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no such thing sorry

Prophet bbqdog

Yes, our church experienced it and has a video on it, which I am going to put it on the churches web site. She had several demons. If you read Mark 16: 15 – 18, these are the signs that will follow when you believe. We also have laid hands on the sick and they recovered by the power of God.
You need to find a home church, be obedient, follow his word, be baptized with the holy spirit, show your self approved and do the will of God (Mark 16: 15 – 18)


I do not encounter these, because I understand the power of belief. Belief in demons will project images of such, but they are formed by the believer. Beyond that they simply do not exist.


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