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Electromagnetic frequencies, auras, and emotion?

Do these correlate? Why or why not?


  1. A problem…
    electromagnetic frequencies deals with objective data
    Auras is an untestable idea
    emotion deals with subjective data
    So, there really isn’t any data that can be compared to say if there is a correlation or not.
    I suppose you could set up a electromagnetic field and see if it changes people emotions (Eastern Medicine might actually have some research on this for you) but from a Western Perspective… there’s nothing to compare.

  2. One could draw a correlation between the three. However, one could also draw a correlation between the position of planets in the solar system and the likelihood that I will get a raise today. It would be more of a coincidence than a correlation, but people will try to do it nonetheless.

  3. our aura is our essence
    a combination of vibrational frequencies
    consisting of:
    our natural vibrations
    and our vibrations as they interact/respond to other vibrations
    differentiating between the two for many souls is the most problematic
    our emotions are our indicators of these vibrational frequencies
    they also, in their processing, have their own vibration
    since our aura is a direct reflection of these vibrational frequencies
    it makes sense that it would indeed change as our enviornment
    this is the correlation


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