Einstein said that he and nobody else understands what light quanta actually is…has this changed since…?

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Has QED or some other theory changed this view?

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Besides you, can anybody really understand what is your question about…?Just accept: “nothing equals to him…”


It would be funny if he really meant that he had made the whole thing up and thats why nobody would ever understand it.

Bekki B

Yes and no. QED has given us a much, much deeper understanding of how the light quanta behave.
But the question “what something actually is” isn’t really scientific. Scientific questions sound like “what will happen if I do this?” or “How will that behave under these circumstances?” No matter how well you understand something, at some level, your understanding will be just a mathematical description of phenomena, not an understanding of what things really are.
So Einstein might have just as well made that statement about gravity or relativity or any other aspect of physics.


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