Home Discussion Forum Ego... what is your understanding of it? What is it to you?

Ego… what is your understanding of it? What is it to you?

Mines is this, that “ego” is the counterfeit self which is based off of the mindset/philosophy of this world. It is that self which is much like excess, like germ that is purely of this world and its source is this world, being transitory and non-substantial at death this counterfeit self dissolves in the earth with the body. This Earth-based Germ can be said to in many ways take over the body, as a construct of this world, over the actual self at this level which to me is a essence of the soul, like a spiritual principle/soul-seed/soul image.
Now this “counterfeit Self” as I hold it and no it is not the organic consciousness or natural consciousness and is not the divisions within this organic consciousness. The organic consciousness refers to the divisions of mind that must be united into a singularity within their polarities. It’s the divided personality, that isn’t one thing but a multitude.
Again that is how I see it, although that is a summary, how do you see “Ego”?
I don’t topically use the word “ego” because it is vastly used and often promoted in a manner that I don’t keep the word, as words are subjective. See for instance, many see ego as the counterfeit self and the organic self at the same time. I do not, the counterfeit is to be loosed, but not the organic self, which is to brought into the light, as I know it.
If I miss words at times sorry, am overcoming a headache
Asha, All things return to their source. ALL things without exceptions, this is LAW. The “Ego” or counterfeit self which most “are” in this world in contraction to their soul essence is literally a creation of this world. It’s like a body snatcher/germ that has come to be by reason of the cultural ensnarements. It’s something that is built over the true base of personality, it is what puts to death the seed within us and obstructs its growth, since we come to identify with a self that is purely worldly. It’s source is the Force of this World, and it returns to this world. The unreal is pulled into the unreal. As for individuality, there is TRUE individuality. Although we can not exist apart from “God” we are important aspects/parcels within the mind of God. If our individuality was negated God, or the WHOLE would suffer loss. The Whole is what it is because it is the many in one, the WHOLE/ONE is coming to know thy self through its parts. Our individuality nourishes the ONE to fullness


  1. Identification to form
    Politics of experience
    Narcissus, seeing self
    Competition with
    Differentiation from

  2. The conditioned identity, i.e. the defensive belief system that controls perception, feeling, thought and action.
    As opposed to the authentic Self, i.e. one’s essential nature/soul, experienced as an awareness of being separate from the body – the OBSERVER.

  3. the ego is a social conscience which is usually developed around adolescence age from our peers when the social values we learn are toppled that is where the ego has problems

  4. I think you misspelled ego…it’s Eggo: a very popular brand of waffles [just joking…lol]!
    I started to read your added details, and ”topically” you can put butter, margarine, syrop, jam, or even peanut butter if you like, on your Eggo waffles. [and that’s no joke]

  5. I see a person’s ego as being a quality that the person has that drives him or her in a certain direction. It sets the person apart from others, not necessarily for better or worse, but under a set of circumstances that has an earned value. It could manifest itself as stubbornness, steadfastness, honesty. I don’t see ego the same way you do, to me is based on how I see myself, in relation to others, on a basis of experience and how I handled past events.

  6. I always thought it is the real me… The “me” that I don’t know, I am not aware of. The other side of me… the part that talks to me… The part that holds the secret of my unconsciousness and past lives…
    Good question.

  7. The false ego is an idea, or an imagined identity and separation from the whole. You own account pretty much covers it with a few exceptions. At death, the idea or identity cannot dissolve into the earth with the body. It is like darkness, the absence of light.
    We part also in regards to the soul being the essence of the self. There is no true self! It seems we oft time recognize the falsity of the ego and start to formulate a plan to start another one. Why is it that we need an identity apart from the all? If I would use the word God I suppose I would say,” Only God is.”
    If I see what you are saying about consciousness correctly, I would disagree. The Hindu word prana meaning the vital energy of the body functions with manas (mind), for both must work together. Air is the container of prana and in turn, consciousness makes up prana. The mind does not manufacture consciousness. Life begins at birth through the first breath, and leaves on the last along with consciousness.


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