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Edgar Cayce?

I was lucky enough to get the complete Edgar Cayce readings for Christmas on CD.
My question: Is there someone now today who does what he did?
I know there are quite a few legit. Psychics out there, just wandered if they did readings on health
He did say he came back in a far more Distant time, said he remembered he had been Cayce and took “whoever” to VA where his library still stood.
He said New York was under water


  1. Edgar Cayce was an exceptional man.What he did has been copied by many individuals. But a lot of those individuals are fakes.There is far too much deception surrounding Psychic surgery and Diagnosis. In my own particular case I am as Psychic, and also am used by God as a tool for healing.I don’t diagnose as Cayce did;and would never do so.When doing healing which I do through the Aura,I am sometimes led to a specific area,and’see’ the damaged part in my mind.
    The last time that happened,the man I was treating was most upset when I asked him about his heart problem.He hadn’t one he insisted.He and his wife stormed out of the healing room.Two weeks later she (wife) phoned me to say my diagnosis saved her husbands life. He sought advice after my words to him.God works in many strange ways. Subsequently as a healing tool I was involved in one or two miracles.But I am the tool, God is the surgeon.

  2. There is no one out there like E.C. For un-like other psychic oeverything that he has stateted had been correct…………


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