Eckhart Tolle, to buy or not to buy?

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Would you recommend Eckhart Tolles work? if so which book of his would you suggest I buy?

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I bought. It was a waste of money. Seriously.


i bought the book and found it so dry and boring so i bought the book on cd, OMG his english is so soft and boring i cant understand what hes saying. hes very monotone and its too hard to follow his droning. no offense. I know its Oprah’s thing but its more exciting getting your teeth pulled.

American Spirit

Definitely buy “The Power of Now”. Wonderful book.


His tone of voice in his recordings is, I believe, intentionally monotone = hypnotic. If one can get past the drone, he is, as my mother used to say, full of what makes the grass grow.
I just checked my e-mail, and there was an article about Tolle’s book, “The Power of Now”:
Debunking The Power of Now: Introduction
Tolle is not used to being questioned. He’s so convinced of his rightness that he simply “deals with” people’s objections with that sickly-sweet patronizing haughtiness we’ve come to expect from guru types:
“questions or objections may occasionally come into your mind as you read. They will probably be answered later in the book, or they may turn out to be irrelevant as you go more deeply into the teaching—and into yourself.”
In other words, “if my hypnotic suggestion’s not working on you right away, give it some time and it will eventually.”


I like his work…I have several books…the Power of Now is where to start but better still see if you can get a copy of a video of one of his talks and check him out on Utube
<:3( )~~~


not to buy.


By the time you come to Eckhart, you’re likely to’ve exhausted many of the usual avenues of enquiry in / on Enlightenment.
If you did not like the vid Goddessences posted, try this:
For me, i find the soothingness of his voice most pleasant & it’s like a kind of meditation just to listen. (As it has probably always been with the Greatest Masters – Osho was similar).
I bought the power of now, but haven’t read it (yet) (i guess it’s pretty self explanatory). ; )
i get a lot of joy from his video work, but i hear that ‘A New Earth’ is a must read.
upto you : )
i certainly admire him, from what i’ve seen & heard.
i feel richer for it.
(You know he was a PhD student at Cambridge, and had had an Enlightenment experience / epiphany, in his youth)?


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