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Eckhart Tolle, Guru or what?


  1. He is good, but he let Oprah buy his soul. He lost credibility with me when he became one of her playthings.

  2. I know nothing about him, except what some fundies have told me, so I really wouldn’t know…I can tell you what I’ve been told, though. Ahem: “NEW WORLD ORDER OMDL AGH END OF DAYS!”, end quote.
    Monkey: Hey, how much does a soul cost nowadays? I really want to buy a spare.

  3. I much prefer Dan Millman’s, Ram Dass’s and Robin Sharma’s books.
    Eckhart Tolle’s book are too dragged out and repetitive.

  4. part of a New age trend….he makes things up. He makes a whole new religion and Oprah is desperate to believe it since it fits her messed up lifestyle fornicating and giving her a new power besides money and fame. Dont even bother, this New Age stuff reinvents itself pretending to be spiritual.

  5. I think his books are wonderful, and I applaud Oprah for bringing his teachings to the attention of a wider audience.
    Yes, its true that what he says isn’t new – but he says it in a way that makes it readily accessible to people, and that is his true gift, I think.
    Edit: his whole point is NOT to create a new religion, ideology or belief system, but to teach people to transcend the ego’s identification with belief systems to get to a direct experience of conscious Presence and the fundamental oneness of the Universe.
    Try reading his books before you give your opinion about his teachings.

  6. No guru, but he knows what he’s talkin’ about. Take his advice(they are NOT teachings, please don’t misinterpret) with a grain of salt.

  7. He’s been given guru status, that’s for sure.
    Personally, I don’t think he’s worthy of it, though there seems little doubt that he had an enlightenment experience.
    He now charges a small fortune for an appearance, which puts me off him.


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