Eckhart Tolle, Guru or what?

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Cough Cough achoo! NorCal R&Ser

He is good, but he let Oprah buy his soul. He lost credibility with me when he became one of her playthings.

Deadpan Doubtress

I know nothing about him, except what some fundies have told me, so I really wouldn’t know…I can tell you what I’ve been told, though. Ahem: “NEW WORLD ORDER OMDL AGH END OF DAYS!”, end quote.
Monkey: Hey, how much does a soul cost nowadays? I really want to buy a spare.


I much prefer Dan Millman’s, Ram Dass’s and Robin Sharma’s books.
Eckhart Tolle’s book are too dragged out and repetitive.

Greek & Coptic Translator


Christian the Atheist

Nonsense-monger. A real-life Guru Pitka.


part of a New age trend….he makes things up. He makes a whole new religion and Oprah is desperate to believe it since it fits her messed up lifestyle fornicating and giving her a new power besides money and fame. Dont even bother, this New Age stuff reinvents itself pretending to be spiritual.


I think his books are wonderful, and I applaud Oprah for bringing his teachings to the attention of a wider audience.
Yes, its true that what he says isn’t new – but he says it in a way that makes it readily accessible to people, and that is his true gift, I think.
Edit: his whole point is NOT to create a new religion, ideology or belief system, but to teach people to transcend the ego’s identification with belief systems to get to a direct experience of conscious Presence and the fundamental oneness of the Universe.
Try reading his books before you give your opinion about his teachings.

Gabriel B

No guru, but he knows what he’s talkin’ about. Take his advice(they are NOT teachings, please don’t misinterpret) with a grain of salt.


He’s been given guru status, that’s for sure.
Personally, I don’t think he’s worthy of it, though there seems little doubt that he had an enlightenment experience.
He now charges a small fortune for an appearance, which puts me off him.


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