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Easyer way to induce Astral Projection?

I have OBE’S and AP when im really tired before i fall asleep.I get the paralized feeling, them im off.. but is there a way where i can induce that naturally without binural beats or anything? cos it seem’s whenever i TRY to do it, it fails or i just fall asleep.


  1. hey!!! nice to know more people are trying to astral project. I have the same problem. Thats exactly what has to happen to me. I was so happy when i got my first one!!!!!!!! just a few months earlier i had asked a questions similar this and EVERY SINGLE PERSON B*ll sh*ted me. but HAHA I DID IT!!!! your right though its like you have to be tired before you go to sleep. thats how i did it kinda…..well i was trying a technique with it too but i was more tired than usual. Binaural beats didn’t work for me lol!! put me to sleep. contact me and I will give you a respectable site that you can go to where you can post questions and such and have them answered by people who won’t b’s’ you 🙂 and no hard feelings, when i try to do it naturally i fail too and just lay there for 2 hours until finally i decide to give it a rest and try later LOL

  2. I’ve been having OOBE’s for over 20 years. Most of them are spontaneous, but on a rare occasion I’ve been able to induce a few. The key for me is being relaxed, in mind as well as body. The hard part is while letting your mind relax you have to also stay alert. I know it sounds like an oxymoron but that’s what has worked for me.


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