easy acoustic guitar song.. that sounds good?

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i’m looking for an easy song to play on my acoustic
something thats not heavy rock.. just a soft rock – indie rock song
Some songs i know and like are:
Opportunity by pete murray
Drive by incubus
Californication by RHCP

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any song by howie day- he is fantastic.


“Stairway” is not an easy acoustic song, especially if it’s your very first song. People do say “Time of your Life” is the easiest. But Jack Johnson songs are simple.


lots of rhcp songs sound great acoustic like under the bridge and john frusciantes version of how deep is you love, i could have lied is simple and beautiful
i know metallica is pretty heavy but nothing else matters sounds great on an acoustic
here is a larger list
be like that – 3 doors down
the kill – 30 seconds to mars
big empty, creep, interstate lovesong, plush – stone temple pilots
any audioslave song (be youself, doesnt remind me, like a stone)
i will follow you in to the dark – death cab for cutie (if you cant pick it right the chords still sound nice)
black hole sun – sound garden
the unforgiven, fade to black – metallica (not heavy songs but kinda needs two guitars (the verse part to fade to black is awesome)
how do you love, december, shine – collective soul
horse with no name, ventura highway – america
wanted (dead or alive) – bon jovi
taers of the dragon – bruce dickinson
dust in the wind – originally by kansas but many covers are out there some of em played a little differently
glycerine – bush
good riddance, macy’s day parade – green day
wherever you will go – the calling
anything by creed, so many of their songs are great on acoustic
hotel california – the eagles (the picking is hard but if you capo the second fret there is an alternate way to play it thats on the acoustic version of the hell freezes over tour)
layla – eric clapton (hey its a classic)
my immortal – evenescence(piano part sounds great on a guitar)
i could go on but im tired you can message me if none of these did it for you

Chels B

I just started playing guitar, and the first one I learned was
Anyone Else – Juno (Only 2 chords)
Some other easy ones are:
Dance Floor Anthem – Good Charolette
Breaking the Habit – Linkin Park
Any Avril Lavigne songs
but thats all I can think of right now. Hope it helped =]


tesla sounds awesome
“what you give” is the first song i learned and still one of my favorites to play
also “love song” and “signs”


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