Earth Religions/Pagan:What different religions have you researched,experimented with, or even been a believer?

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What are some of the pros and cons?
What do you like best in your current beliefs?

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Used to be a Christian, also used to be a Satanist.
Honestly the only pro to being a Christian was that I fit in, I blended in with the people around me. It gave me something in common with them where I could have topics to discuss. The cons are conformity, not having the level of freedom to think and choose for yourself, not being able to question authority.
As for Satanism, the pros are [other than shock value 😉 ] being able to and encouraged to think for oneself, to accept your own human nature. The cons are too many people assume you are just doing it out of rebellion and don’t take you serious.
Edit: Oops almost forgot my current religion! Asatru.
Pros: It makes me feel more connected to my ancestors; I feel its my birthright and I feel at home. I enjoy and agree with the values and virtues. I love reading the Lore. Cons; people mistake me for being some other religion (some people think Pagan=Wiccan) because they haven’t heard of Norse Heathenry.

Aya Rose

Well, I started out with Christianity, but that went over real well when they told me Ghandi was not God inspired, and instead was burning in hell for being an non-believer. So I stopped that.
Then I tried atheism. But I believed in god too much to accept that the unseen could not exist so I had to find a different term.
I was agnostic for about six months, till I realized I had too many answers based on observation to say I didn’t know.
Then I thought about being gnostic for about six months, but as I researched, their belief in god conflicted with my belief in god, while it did shape my view of Yahweh pretty soundly, I just don’t believe some of their other stuff.
Then I poked at wicca. It’s cute, and probably effective for alot of people. But I disagree with them on so many points it’s funny, so while I find them enjoyable people, I can’t agree with their beliefs enough.
I tried to be a heathen for a bit, but my belief that Yahweh is the destroyer puts me at odds with a number of them too, so heathen is just too constrictive over all.
What does that leave? Polytheistic (classical) pantheistic animist shamanic neopaganism.
– I’m not conflicting myself by accepting other people’s dogma over logic.
– It’s a bit lonely.
– There’s very little historical examples left to follow.
– People in general dislike people who aren’t in pre-existing categories.
– People shut their brains off half way through my feeble attempts at explaining it.


Not sure…but
True story had 2 different Native Americans tell me the Red Tail Hawk was my spirit animal.
I see hundreds even thousands a year…..some within 20 feet
I see them in in every state
Some fly at the hood of my pick up for a few miles at a stretch
Freaked a date out one time and my kids
Had in 2 different downtown metropolitan areas a hawk land on the wires above me…freaked out the people I was talking to
and the first Native American said that cause the very minute I first met him a hawk landed on the wire above me
the second Native I worked with on an oil rig said it because a hawk landed on the rail on the drill floor…every day for a week….
THAT NEVER HAPPENS…way to noisy for animals
OH that week there was family trouble
So I don’t know what I believe or don’t….just i have some weird connection to or with Hawks
Oh 3 families of hawks nest near my home….where i didn’t live for years
They circle near there screeching everyday….and have landed on the roof
Now the strangest one….I worked at a fish hatchery at one time
and they had a very small 30 to 40 graves public cemetary on their land
It was very hidden. Once a year at memorial day we mowed the grass
The first time I went back to mow it
There were 8 hawks on tombstones….and they stayed around the whole time I mowed
Wierd right?….all true
So spirit animals……could be….the hawks sure seem to be making their case
…lol….thought the holy spirit was a dove


im reading into asatru, waiting for the books i ordered to arrive.. the good thing about it is there is’nt a right or wrong, or a set of rules to live by.
none so far.


I was raised first Baptist, then Methodist. The Baptist Minister was a fun individual who managed to make all of the ills in the world somehow the fault of a woman; he encouraged the young men of the congregation to point out original sin during arguments with women.
The Methodist Minister was sleeping with most of the women in his congregation (other than his wife, my mother, and the creepy 90 year old woman).
Pros…can think of any. Cons…other than being exhorted every Sunday to seek salvation by abandoning reason and finding comfort in blind conformity; and the obsessive need to take the joy out of every natural activity and control every moment of the lives of worshippers…it wasn’t too bad.
My current belief system (Celtic Reconstructionism) requires and encourages scholarship, brutal honesty, and free exchange of ideas. Conformity is not prized, and autonomy is encouraged. Rather than being something to be hidden away and shushed, sex is a sacrament.


I know, totally lame, right?
I was raised non-religious, and Wicca was the first faith I treated seriously.
I mean, I’ve read a lot about other faiths, but I lack first hand knowledge of them.


1. Been a believer: Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Eclectic Neo-Wicca.
Experimented: Agnosticism (not a religion but anyways).
Researched: Christianity, Wicca, Hellenic Polytheism and fragments of knowledge from others.
2. EOC: Pros: More down to earth than most Christian denominations. Takes the Bible as allegory. Non-condemning in general. Cons: ugh way too many in my view.
Wicca: Pros: orthopraxic not orthodogmatic, fulfilling enough, genuine. Cons: I have grand disagreements with many tenets of faith, theology and some praxis.
HP: Pros: theologically close, humanistic, philosophical. Cons: Grand disagreements with the Reconstructionalist movement.
3. I am following a path of my own shaping currently. What I like the best is a) fits perfectly and b) I can modify it and act as I wish not as I’m dictated.

Prospero Reincarnate

I was a Catholic-Christian for most of my life. After 9/11 I felt the need to search for God, and realized the Catholic framework wasn’t right for me, and eventually found Buddhism, which after some practice I realized wasn’t for me. Then I found Paganism. (first Wicca, then other denominations like Druidry and Thelema) Now I’m an Eclectic Neopagan.


I was raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school, loved church.
In my mid teens I wanted to be closer to God and began exploring other Christian denominations. I visited just about every type of Christian church I could find (Lutheran, Baptist, Pentacostal, etc.) and made appointments to council with ministers, read their pamplets, attended their services and discussion groups, etc. I ended up with a very evangical group doing Bible study for a couple of years.
Pros– it was all part of my spiritual journey. Helped me learn and grow and helped lead me to the best way for me to relate to the Higher Power.
Cons– I don’t really see any cons.
What I like best about my current beliefs: they have helped me forge a stronger relationship with the Divine and have inspired me to become a better person.


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