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Earth Religions: What are your thoughts on Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences?


  1. so do you have a connection to our star Family too? the pleadians, the vegans, the Sirians, the Venetians, Alpha Centaurians and the like…?
    Astral Travel is easy. All you have to do is condensence the principles of Fire, Earth, Water, Air into the Etheric-body. For some people, it can take a year.
    It took me two months.
    Here I’ll even recommend a guide: Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is a classic.

  2. We are made up of body, soul and spirit.
    It would be possible to separate these and enter back into the body.
    That’s what happens in near death experiences sometimes.
    I think that if you try to induce yourself to have an out of body experience that is
    tempting God, and you might not make it back to your body.

  3. They definately happen. Have you ever been between asleep and awake, and you feel like you are falling very fast and when you open your eyes, you feel like you ‘hit’ the bed? I believe that happens becuase you left your body.

  4. To correct some of the other answers on this question: The Olde Religions have been around 20,000 years before Christianity, Judaism, and Islam were invented. Calling Pagan religions ‘New Age’ is a widely spread misnomer by both practitioners of Pagan religions and those who seek to defame them. Chronologically speaking Pagan religions (Animism: ex. Native American, Wicca/Witchcraft, Polytheism; Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman, etc,.) came first. Only until recently (within the last 2,000 years or so) was Judaism invented. Followed by Christianity and then the newest religion of Islam. They are the New Religions (that is how they are referred to in the Craft at least) and the only religions that can be considered “New Age.” Now that I addressed that I’ll proceed to your question. I used to be/kinda still am an Atheist. However, I have doubts about us living in a completely physical world (meaning a world where everything we can measure or calculate is all that exists.) I believe that there are forces we are not able to measure now, but we may someday be able to just as I believe that some forces, by their very nature, can never be measured. On that note, I believe in Out of Body Experiences and find Astral Projection to be a vessel for the OBE. I have only experienced something I would explain as Astral Projection a few times a couple years ago. I’m not even sure if it was Astral Projection. But, the definition of Astral Projection fits what I felt. I do believe that there once was a time in homo sapien history when we could disconnect our physical bodies from our spiritual essence (be that a soul or other undefined energy we possess) and travel on another plane. However, I think that we have, over time, lost our ability to feel our spiritual essence (again, whatever that is that drives us on a higher level) and now, there are very few who can reawaken the ability. In all my readings on the subject, I’ve found it takes practice and patience. We are bombarded with information at every possible second of every day. We get information overload and our brains have to constantly work to filter the useful from the useless and organize the useful information. Astral Projection isn’t a spontaneous phenomena. It is something that takes time and a directed willful desire to Astral Project. You have to learn how to completely clear your mind and focus on keeping random thoughts from breaking your concentration. Have you every tried thinking and focusing on nothing? Actually having NOTHING on your mind? It’s very hard to do. But, it is possible. I am working to become a Witch. I have begun researching the various facets of Wicca and the practice of Witchcraft. Those are my thoughts, at least.


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