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During your spiritual development how did you manage ongoing competition between ego vs. spiritual callings?

What types of issues were you dealing with, and how long,– and in what ways spiritually were you able to tame desire(s)? [of any nature]


  1. Ego is just “who” you are in the skeem of things in my book.
    Spiritual callings come in all fashions to people and personalizing it to your “core belief” is the logical way of adapting a Religion.
    Yet as you evolve, you will find that “other’s standardized systems of belief” may not “jive” with yours, then is the time you truly struggle with EGO. Which is right, the people or you? That is why you are Blessed with “free will”!

  2. ego is the main obstacle in spiritual development. if u hav ego u cannot develop spiritual feeling…………. throw it out

  3. You definitely need ego as a step towards spiritual growth – it serves as a foundation or platform. However, problems and issues rise when everything is gravitated towards this ego – while spiritual development calls for the opposite. When spiritual dryness comes, the ego serves as your anchor as not to let go. But it should be clear that as your spirituality grows or matures, the ego, initially seeing itself in the middle, will begin to realize that it is never the center, but the perimeter that encloses everything within.

  4. There is no competition. Discernment between ego and your true nature or Christ self is impossible if you take the accepted psychological approach that the ego has value and should be stabilized.
    Your egoic self is everything you have “learned to believe” about self and the world since you arrived (it stops at about age 25 when the brain completes development). It not only CANNOT be trusted, the ego is insane because it can only perceive what it has been taught to “believe” is true. That is why it is critical to understand that YOU are not your thoughts and feelings, YOU are the OBSERVER of them.
    THAT is the only way to begin. Observing your feelings and thoughts – knowing they come from hidden beliefs re: limitation – start with your feelings and trace them back to the origin of the error. Shame glues us to repeated experience. Unconscious, buried feelings must be felt and released and examined in the light of reason to disappear. The “desires” you mention are probably just these repressed attachments to something that made you feel better at one time and they become addictive.
    PURE desire is the goal and where you need to return. It creates or manifests the experience in reality you long for, and that “heaven” is the state of spiritual being you must “remember.” All of us are challenged by the ego’s emotional attachments – even to childish beliefs about identity or “being good” that are completely at odds with our calling and true nature. That’s why dumping everything you have ever been taught to believe is necessary to return to “being” (unity with God/the perfect goodness) and to KNOW who you are and why you came for certain.


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