During the process of becoming the Buddha, what did Sidhartha Gautama discovered ?

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During the process of becoming the Buddha, Sidhartha Gautama discovered _________ , ___________ , and ___________
please help me fill in the blank for a world religion essay !! I know a lot about this subject , just not so much how to word this ,THANKS

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Well, the thing that impressed me most (and is thus about the only thing I remember reading about it) is that eventually he realized that he faced a choice: receiving enlightenment or postponing enlightenment to be able to help others reach enlightenment. He chose the latter, and I salute him for it.


Sounds like your answers need to be exact from a book. He discovered lots of things. I guess old age, sickness, and death? But then their is suffering.


no extremes, just the middle way

Rico JPA

He discovered the ultimate cause of needless suffering was desire.
He discovered that human perceptions are easily deceived and much of what we perceive as real is illusion. And he discovered that everything must be questioned and re-questioned, even his own discoveries.

Martin S

Siddhartha eventually married and had a son but was still confined to the palace and its pleasures. One day he informed his father that he wished to see the world. This excursion would forever change his life, for it was during this journey that he saw “the four passing sights.”
Although his father ordered the streets to be cleansed and decorated and all elderly or infirmed people to stay inside, there were those who did not get the message. The first troubling sight Siddhartha saw was that of a decrepit old man. When Siddhartha asked what happened to this man, he was told that the man was old, as everyone someday would become.
Later, he met a sick man and was told that all people were liable to be sick and suffer pain like that individual.
He then saw a funeral procession with a corpse on its way to cremation, the followers weeping bitterly. When he asked what that meant, the prince was informed that it was the way of life, for sooner or later both prince and pauper would have to die.
The last sight was that of a monk begging for his food. The tranquil look on the beggar’s face convinced Siddhartha that this type of life was for him. Immediately he left his family and the palace in search of enlightenment. The night he left his home to seek enlightenment became known as the Great Renunciation.


unsatisfactory(suffering)nature , impermanent nature and the impersonal nature of all things .
the core principles of Buddhism


Traditionally it is said that the Buddha discovered:
1. The Four Noble Truths
2. The Eightfold Path
3. The Middle Way
In his first teaching after attaining enlightenment, the Buddha taught these three things to his former companions.


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