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During Telepathy, how does the receiver feel?

How do I know if I’m receiving someones thoughts, or it’s just my imagination and im making it up myself?
Im getting random feelings I feel me and the person are thinking of one another, but I don’t know if it’s just because thats what I want.


  1. If by “receiver” you mean the person who gets the information from the other person, then it is just an instantaneous impression of what the other person is thinking or feeling. I have been doing telepathy naturally my whole life. For me, it is just a quick impression through feeling or thought.

  2. You kids is crazy. Aint no such thing as telepathy except for people who are fooling theyselves. Shít, dont take my word for it. Prove it for yourself. Uh huh. Heres the challenge if you think you for real. But you wont test youself because you know Im right. So either do this or shut up. Ok?
    Do this…… In front of witnesses the sender writes out a secret sentence on paper. Without seeing it the receiver tells what it said. Cant do it can you? Uh huh. I didnt think so. Or while blindfolded and without speaking tell what emotions a stranger in the room is feeling. Oops.. Cant do that either huh?
    Telepathy is transferring information thoughts or emotions with just thinking. Its been proven bunches of times it cant be done. Ok? Every time someone say they can do it they is tested and they fail. The only ones who claim they can do it refuse to be tested. Now what do that tell you honey? If anything they have intuition. Look that up. Its for real and its a gift too but not the mysterious bullshít like telepathy.
    But its alright honey. People want to think they special so they believe that they majic or they have an invisible dinosaur friend or that they is telepathic. Its ok to want to be special. Just find a real way to be special. Dont make one up. Ok? You will be happy for real then. Keep it real girl and drop all this nonsense. Ok? I love you honey. Be good.


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