Home Discussion Forum During my astral projection I encountered some strange beings can someone help...

During my astral projection I encountered some strange beings can someone help me understand?

I was just flying through space, I went very far and these beings came to me and they told me If I ever ventured in their land again they will remove me from the universe… Who were they.


  1. Wow man, uh, there’s this line that you pass when you’re taking drugs, which is when you start forgetting you took them in the first place.
    Chill out. Rather, go do something not involving Acid trips.
    Btw, they were obviously the Internet Police, and you weren’t flying through space, but a series of tubes.

  2. Wow, questions like these are better than a hooka.
    …not that I’ve ever had a hooka, but I’ve heard about them…

  3. joe, dreams are for sleepers, but if you are real maybe it was a nightmare. You are not going to die. the bible tells us that when a person is going to die they will see hell, they must pray for deliverance.

  4. The little guy would have been Dave, he works weekends.
    I’m not sure what the tall guy’s name is, but his bother-in-law does my taxes.
    hope this helps

  5. The demonic occupy the second heaven. They were demons, and they will take you out. Best go to a biblical deliverance ministry, and get set free, then, they will be unable to mess with ya. There are some who say there are several levels to this, can’t confirm this myself. Never been there. Can tell you ya don’t want to go back there, unless The Lord is leading.

  6. If you were able to go very far, you’d understand that you can’t be removed from the universe.


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