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During meditation, does the speed of consciousness speed up or slow down? And during yoga?

In an emergency situation, reaction times get quicker as if time itself is running slower. The mind is processing more bits of information per second and this what I mean by “speed of consciousness”.
Now my question is: what is the “speed of consciousness” during meditation and during yoga?
I’m not sure…during meditation time runs slow, but equally reaction times whilst meditating would be exceedingly slow because one is a bit zoned out… What do you think?
Yoga is different again because one is very much zoned in…?


  1. I’m not sure if this is the same as “speed of consciousness”, but I know that closing your eyes and meditating slows down your brain wave frequency (into theta). I do yoga also, but I’m not sure about the brain wave frequency when practicing it…

  2. dear okei, it appears that someone has told you something wrong about meditation and yoga. consciousness is nothing material which can move up or down, slow or fast. it is there and thats all. its appearance and disappearance is an event which you know as the birth and death on the earth.
    nothing happens to your consciouness in meditation. yes your body may feel estrange to some extent because your feelings go to some new horizons of experience.
    generally, during meditations one feel as if one’s breath is stopped and it is very natural and causal. there is a strong relationship between your breaths and thoughts. in Pranayam you are told to control your breaths so that the flow of your thoughts can be known of.
    aasan what you call as yoga is simply a body posture. it may or may not lead to panting. you may find your speed of breaths varying during the practice of aasans.
    if you ask me this question after a week or so then i would be in a position to guide you to some marvellous and reliable source of knowledge in this regard.

  3. Mind is studied indirectly as Study of behaviour. This is difficult to study as no machines can sense it. Psychologists’ used EEG machine to study with prods attached to Yogis. Scale from 0 to 22 and reporting 0 – 4 as deep sleep, dreaming at 4 level. Then 4 – 7 is meditative state where we are awake but calm. Then 7 — 14 is slight agitation. Further more 14 — 22 is Disco. Yoga is not exercise but joining own energy with the vast outer energy. Some where, between 4 to 7 we gain energy. Mind is the fastest traveller. We can reach the Samadhi or Utsav state by combination of Karma Yog, Bhakti Yog and Gyan Yog. This is followed by Uparati, Dharana, Dhyan (which we are discussing) till Samadhi. Similarly this successful state is achieved when our Male & Female psychological brain work in tandem. Yes slow but steady win the powerful state of Trinity, the third Eye.


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