During astral projection, is there a limit on how far into space one could go?

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Could one simply travel as far as they like and explore the infinite ends of the universe, or is there a sort of “point of no return”

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Truth Seeker and Savior

it depends how “springy” your silver cord is


Depends if you OD or not.


No you can go as far and as high as you want.


There is a limit, yes. It’s called reality, in which your mind is a product of your brain. There is no such thing as “astral projection.”


as far as your mind is limited (and by the looks of it across the street might be too far 😀 )


It depends on how much weed you’ve smoked.


I don’t believe there is. But perhaps everyone’s experiences are different. Give it a try and see for yourself. =)


Normally you can get as far as your skull… Then you bounce around on the inside of it.


It depends on your ability or willingness to travel.

A Unique Mind

No. There is no limit. You can go as far as you like. There is no ‘point of no return’. However most inexperienced people would probably unwillingly return to their bodies due to fear, confusion, or too much excitement &/or a lack of knowledge & control. If you got around these factors & just sped off in any direction in the universe, the high speed can cause you to end up losing some lucidity. That may than cause you to completely lose consciousness & fall into the dream state or awaken back into this reality.


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