Home Discussion Forum During an OBE or Astral projection.Can you interact with the physical world?

During an OBE or Astral projection.Can you interact with the physical world?


  1. visualy,and verbaly..yes you can,and i suppose any thing is possiable if the need be great…but would require a level of control beyond most..

  2. This question is a bit like asking “Can unicorns really fly?”
    There are no such beasts as “OBE” or “Astral projection”, people who believe they are experiencing them are simply hallucinating, and in a hallucination, you can do anything you want to!

  3. Some naysayers may think that you only travel on the astral plane but with this simple incantation your experience will be enhanced thricefold!
    Astral Travel Spell
    “Syn, good Goddess of Locks and Doors, Open the Gates I now Implore.
    Allow me to pass through the Astral veil; with speed, Grant fair winds to me sail.
    And when I’ve gained what I can learn, Roman Grant a hasty return”

  4. I do not believe in Astral Projection. OBE, I am not sure in cases like NDEs or comas, what happens to the soul type of thing.
    I like this question. A ghost can manipulate the physical world, so in theory, wouldn’t it almost be the same thing?

  5. You cannot interact with the physical world. But an Atheric Projection is when you are out of your body and on the physical plane.
    Here’s a website that you can look at the forums and ask questions and read other peoples experiences….people that actually do it.
    Your likely to get skeptics when you ask questions of this nature on Yahoo Answers

  6. I don’t /can’t do it so I really don’t know. I know I’ve heard where people have seen other people astral traveling. I’m not sure if they’re in their bodies or if they see them as spirits. I know I heard at church of a priest visiting someone and talking to them. Then I heard that the priest didn’t remember doing it….so it could have been a spirit…etc. I don’t know if when you die and come back as a spirit or ghost you have more power to move things than you do if you’re just astral traveling or have an OBE. I’d like to experience this…but I’m afraid to . However….I wonder if it might happen without your permission. I don’t know if you have to believe in it to have it happen.I know that a few times my husband did it (when he didn’t know what it was called). He was fascinated by it….till he saw an old lady come out of the closet.That scared him and he said he’d never do it again. As far as I know , he didn’t. I really never thought about it much after that. I didn’t know much about astral travel till I learned more about it on here and from 333.
    EDIT….I’ve often wondered if things that happened to me that I thought were spirits were maybe someone astral traveling instead. I even wonder if they can temporarily get into your body. I know that something has gotten into me several times…and drawn me to places and people (in my body). And…I’d often wonder why I went to those places and people or said things that I said.I’m sure others will say that’s MPD…and it might be…but it was always temporary . And I have my suspicions about certain people.

  7. Since the astral body or spirit does not have physical attributes, any contact with the physical world would have to be done through the “force of will”. This is similar to some theories about psychokinesis. So, any interaction with the physical world while traveling in spirit would involve psychokinetic manipulation.
    If you don’t believe in psychokinesis, the answer is no, but in this case, you probably also don’t believe in astral travel. If you do believe in psychokinesis, there is no reason that it could not be done in spirit form, so the answer is yes.

  8. Wouldn’t that be awesome if you could?
    Just imagine the people from here alone that you could mess with…….
    They would be sitting at their computers, doing their thing, then you could come up behind them and breathe heavily on their neck, or flick them in the ear……..
    Or laugh when they stepped out of the shower!
    Now, I want to learn………bwahahahaha.

  9. Nobody can astral project.
    If anyone tells you they can, make them prove it. Create a simple test where you place some objects in a room, then have them astrally project into that room and name all the objects. They won’t be able to do it. No person that’s written a book on it can either. If they could, they would take Randi’s million dollar challenge.
    About all anyone will tell you is some form of self hypnosis, which will make you think you’re out of your body.
    A lot of methods talk about trying to astrally project right before you go to bed. These people aren’t astrally projecting either, they’re just dreaming.
    Trust me, no one can really make any occult stuff work. Not even the famous occultists that wrote books.


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