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During a spiritual awakening such as in the bible- people were given manna to consume?

Would not this manna have contained material important for spiritually awakening beings?
Today we have interstitial space plasma coming from the Eta Karina galaxy which contains DNA. Are we receiving a manna that our skin is absorbing which is feeding our cells and rewriting our DNA for a spiritual awakening?


  1. I imagine they should have had their spiritual awakening when they were delivered from captivity in Egypt. The manna was just to sustain them. These events took place so that we could see how God works in the spirit realm today. The physical representation of the spiritual reality.
    God will deliver us, and sustain us!

  2. This is a misunderstanding of what might happen. What is expected is a 5 or 6 month period where Eta Carina would emit a bright blue light visible night and day in some parts of the southern hemisphere.
    Those who study chronobiology, or the effects of biological timing, have found that low levels of blue light can strongly affect the endocrine systems of mammals by causing physiological and alerting responses.
    Blue-enhanced light is associated with reduced levels of melatonin production and affects circadian rhythms. For these reasons, it is sometimes prescribed to counteract seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter depression.
    Essentially people would be less likely to be depressed in winter if this actually ever happened.
    Love and blessings Don

  3. Manna is divinely provided sustenance, in the Bible,the food provided miraculously to feed the Israelites in the wilderness.
    No Eta Karina DNA will not deliver any one for spiritual awakening.
    Only those, I repeat only those, who them selves will try and aspire for the sipritual awakening, will be rewarded.


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