Home Discussion Forum Dudes: How would you respond to this situation?

Dudes: How would you respond to this situation?

I met this woman a few years back and on our third date she asked me what colour
eyes I’d rather she’d have. They were the classic hazel colour eyes. When I told her
that I liked her eyes she insisted until I gave in and said, ‘Okay, I like green eyes.’
Then, right there in the middle of the restaurant, she took out this flat box thing in
which she kept a variety of contact lenses and literally put on green eyes for me.


  1. I would’ve insisted that she stop.
    “The nonsense!”–I’d say. “I meant over rice–I like Green Eyes over rice!”
    And taking her hand, I’d whisper,” Leave your lovely hazels in for me.”

  2. That would be disconcerting, to say the least.
    The idea that a woman is prepared to walk straight into your
    desires and perhaps fantasies by using such artifacts would
    almost seem unwholesome.
    What the heck, I’d take her home anyways.


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